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Pour a single glass of your favorite wine while simultaneously protecting the rest of the bottle from oxidation.



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Pour a single glass of your favorite wine while simultaneously protecting the rest of the bottle from oxidation.



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Create a memorable experience for your guests by offering a variety of wine and food pairings, without wasting a drop.


Smart technology made beautifully simple.

How Coravin Works

Coravin is going to revolutionize drinking wine

and being able to access multiple wines in your cellar and have the choice of as many as you want.

At home, I can enjoy a glass of something valuable, even precious, and perhaps save the rest to share

with my son when he comes of age - and that to me is beyond value. It's priceless. Really.

Nothing I know of preserves wine in an opened or 'accessed' bottle

for years as this system does.

This product is nothing short of amazing

for both restaurateurs and wine lovers alike.

Coravin is the most transformational and exciting new product

for wine lovers that has been developed/invented in the last 30+ years, this is a killer device.

It is to wine what downloading is to music

Gadget of the year: It could easily have been the iPhone, iPad2 or a Leica D-Lux camera — but it’s none of them.

I looked for a gadget that is unique and solves a problem never solved before. My hands-down favorite is the Coravin Wine System.



  • For Wine Lovers

    Expand your palate. Explore, compare and contrast regions, varietals, producer styles and vintages.

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  • For Restaurants & Wine Bars

    Dramatically expand your wine program by offering your finest wines by the glass and please even the most discriminating palates.

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  • For Wineries & Wine Shops

    Offer customers a taste before they buy and ignite their interest in new varietals, regions and producers.

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Product details

Each Coravin Wine Access System is elegantly designed and engineered with precision to deliver consistent quality that will allow you to pour and enjoy your favorite wines for years to come.


Wine Access Needle

The thin, non-coring, medical grade needle passes through the cork to access and pour the wine, leaving the cork intact. When the needle is removed, the cork reseals and continues to protect the wine.

Wine Access Needle  

Coravin™ Capsules

Coravin’s proprietary argon gas capsules create a perfect seal in the system so that even months after initial use, no gas will escape.

Coravin™ Capsules  


The clamp is designed to fit securely on standard bottles as large as magnums. It also allows the Coravin System to stand on its own when not in use.



The Coravin System’s ergonomic handle and trigger design enables easy pouring and control.

needle guide  



the inspiration

The Coravin System was inspired by my love of wine and the never-ending discovery in taste and aroma that it provides.

My dream was to magically pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork. The remaining wine could then go back in my cellar, so that I could enjoy it again, whenever I desired.

What followed was a decade of development and testing until I had a system that left the cork in place, but still delivered great glasses of wine, indistinguishable from untouched bottles.

Greg Lambrecht, Founder, Coravin™ Inc.

Greg Lambrecht

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