Greg Lambrecht
Founder, Coravin™ Inc.

The Coravin™ System was inspired by my love for wine and the never-ending discovery in taste and aroma that it provides.

The initial concept began out of necessity. My wife became pregnant and stopped drinking. I still wanted to enjoy great glasses of wine, but didn’t want to commit to whole bottles. I tried preservation systems, but found I still wasn’t able to drink what I wanted, when I wanted, without sacrifice. Each time, once the cork was pulled, oxidation started and I was locked into that bottle.

My dream was to magically pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork. The remaining wine could then go back in my cellar, so that I could enjoy it again, whenever I desired. What followed was a decade of development and testing until I had a system that delivered great glasses of wine, indistinguishable from untouched bottles, while never pulling the cork.

Your Coravin™ System will change the way you enjoy wine. It expands your opportunity to explore wines of any vintage, variety, winemaker, or wine growing region you desire, all by the glass. You now have the freedom to access any wine, any time, in any quantity you desire without ever pulling the cork. And you can go back to your favorites again and again, weeks or months later.

Cheers! Greg Lambrecht, Founder, Coravin™ Inc.