One Year Blind Taste Results
Coravin inventor and founder Greg Lambrecht recently visited Paris for the one year anniversary of the first blind taste conducted in France. One year previously, he had made the same trip to host a Coravin wine tasting. He invited some of France’s top sommelier and wine makers to attend, where they accessed and tasted six wines (three red, three white) – all bottles signed and dated by attendees. When they reconvened last month, they were poured ten glasses (five red, five white) from two of those bottles, and asked to identify which glasses came from the bottles accessed one year previously, and which were from the new "control" bottles. All of the guests were blown away when they realized that they could not determine with complete confidence which glasses were from which bottles! 
Coravin in the News:
The Drinks Business
The one year blind tasting in Paris is not the first time that Greg has gathered experts to put the Coravin technology to the test. In fact, he has been hosting these blind tastings all over the world over the last few years. Aside from years of his own testing, he has been inviting experts from around the globe to tastings in six countries. Each event, held three months apart, showcases the same wines accessed months previously by the same guests. This way, they are able to taste and test for themselves. Thus far, of the over 160 wine professionals who have participated, not a single expert has found even one glass to be oxidized, un-servable or unexpectedly varied, prompting DrinksBusiness to confirm that "Coravin actually works!"

What’s New At Coravin
In February Coravin welcomed Frédéric Levy as President & Chief Executive Officer of Coravin, Inc. Fred joins Coravin after spending 19 years with Nestle’s Nespresso group. In his most recent role as Presdent of Nespresso USA, he successfully established key wholesale relationships with major retailers including Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. He also helped define Nespresso’s strategic branding and positioning in the United States, including the development of the first ever U.S. media campaign in 2010, and the launch of the inaugural Nespresso Boutique Bar retail locations.
Before pouring with the Coravin System, don't forget to quickly press the trigger to clear the needle of residual oxygen or wine.
Use repeat quick presses on the trigger until you get the flow rate you like. A long press is almost never needed. 
When you're finished pouring, the cork reseals. This way, you can store accessed bottles, ensuring that the cork remains intact. 
Coravin at the Winery
The Coravin System is being employed in wineries all over the world. Learn how these Napa wineries are using Coravin to help their business, and enhance guest experience.
See Coravin in Action
Coravin is helping restaurants all over the country to expand and elevate their By The Glass offerings for their guests. Some restaurants are even offering their entire wine lists to guests By The Glass, making for an incredible dining experience. See for yourself at a Coravin partner restaurant near you. 
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Coravin has the wine world talking. Here's what they're saying:

@Vinifyco: Got my @Coravin, so excited!! I was waiting for its arrival in France since last year. And it works great!

@VineInspiration: Pulled the cork on one and re-accessed another previously Coravin’ed bottle tonight. Both fresh as a daisy! @Coravin_IE @Coravin

@VincentWInes: The @Coravin is fantastic. Trying a ’99 Chateauneuf first tapped three weeks ago, the wine is pristine. And delicious