Interested in starting a wine collection? Master of Wine Mary Gorman-McAdams came up with 10 quick tips for beginners to start their own collection. Originally published in The Kitchn, we've got a few of them here to get you started!

Wine Collection

1. Not all wines age well. Collect wines that have at least 2 to 3 years aging potential. The real fun in collecting is seeing how these wines develop over time. Get to know the categories of wines that age. For example Bordeaux ages but simple Beaujolais does not

2. Proper storage is critical. Do not keep good wine in an over-heated apartment, and especially not in your kitchen. Invest in a temperature controlled wine fridge if you do not have a cool, dark room that stays a consistent temperature all year.

3. Mix it up - collect a balance of styles and colors - red, white, dry, sparkling and sweet.

4. Unless you have serious money to splurge, forget about buying the top vintages from Bordeaux or Burgundy. Seek out lesser vintages or buy from other regions such as Loire Valley, Rhône. Similarly forget the cult Napa cabs, try Sonoma, Oregon or other US states.


To find out what other advice she gives to beginner wine collectors, read the full article here.


Cheers, and happy collecting!