Each Coravin Capsule should yield 15, five ounce glasses of wine. Here are some tips to ensure you are getting the most out of each capsule:


1.) Keep your purge short. Keep the trigger press as short as possible (less than a half a second) when you clear your Coravin of excess wine.


2.) A half full bottle? The emptier the bottle, the fewer times you’ll need to press the trigger.


3.) Do you hear a lot of gas escaping after you pour? You are using too much gas for the amount of wine you desire. You'll get out in wine what you put in with gas, so experiment with shorter trigger presses rather than holding the trigger down for a couple seconds or more. It may take a little longer to pour a glass this way but you'll really increase the life of your capsules!


4.) Last glass? Pull the cork. This will save gas when it isn’t a necessity. (Even Coravin employees pull corks on occasion!)


Watch Coravin Founder/Inventor, Greg Lambrecht, explain how to achieve the perfect pour: