In an interview with Olivier Flosse talks about his career, the service business and some of his favorite wine and food pairings. We have been posting a “Summer drinking” series over the last few months so we thought we would share this with you to offer some inspirations for nice summer days and another perspective.

The acclaimed sommelier Olivier Flosse was born and raised in Marseille. He earned the DUAD, Diploma d’Apitude a la Degustation, one of the most prestigious wine diploma in Europe. His successful career started at Chef Daniel Boulud's famous restaurant, Daniel, in 1999. At this time he learned how to work with both speed and efficiency and what the most important things in business are: focus, anticipation, and communication. Now Flosse works as the wine director at the New York restaurant, A Voce, that is famous for its award-winning wine cellar and offers Italian cuisine.

Flosse’s favorite wine for summer? A glass of Grillo or Fiano that convince with their softer, fuller profiles. In addition to that his tip for the perfect, outstanding pairing of wine and food is Burrattina with southern Italian wines or fresh Calamari and Cavatelli with a chilly glass of Sylvaner.

Although Flosse calls attention to some lesser known grapes and wine regions, for example Sardinia and Sicily but his favorite place to be with regard to wine regions is Burgundy with its special and deep connection between vineyards and their owners.



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