One year ago today, Coravin officially launched and became available for wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike to change their wine drinking and consumption habits. We at Coravin are thrilled to celebrate a successful first year in business!


What a difference a year makes

When we launched one year ago today on July 29th, 2013, we were a small team of about 16 full time employees. Our office was not only our “headquarters,” but our product development and technology lab, and our logistics facility. In just one year, we have come a long way, with a fully cross functional staff of over 40 full time employees, a logistics partner, and, very soon, a fully staffed European headquarters. Today, on our one year anniversary, we’re taking a look back on some of the highlights of our first year in business to see just how far we’ve come!


A Year In Review






Early stages – Coravin, LLC celebrates Thanksgiving 2012 with the full team of just 10, with only six of them full time employees!





March – all six Coravin employees move into their new office…what a difference a year makes is right!





July – on the 29th, with launch events celebrating our introduction on both the East and West Coasts (NYC and Napa Valley respectively), Coravin officially became available for purchase to all US based wine enthusiasts.



By October we were offering the shipment of the Coravin System to select destinations globally.



December – Coravin makes holiday gift guides around the world and is the must-have gift for the 2013 holiday season, and was even awarded placement of the "Best of What's New" in Popular Science's annual roundup of innovative new products.






January – The Revue des Vins de France awards Coravin and Greg Lambrecht with the award for innovation in wine, an honor so appreciated by Greg, that he gave his acceptance speech in French – a language he doesn’t even speak!


April – Coravin and Greg take home the gold from the Edison Awards for recognition in innovation once again.



July – one year after our first product launch, we’re celebrating! This past month, Greg has been traveling across the United States, visiting some of our favorite restaurants and wine stores. He's been hosting dinners, tastings, and events, and has been met with incredible enthusiasm for the Coravin System. He's seen first hand the truly positive impact that the Coravin System has had on the wine industry in just one short year. And he's not done! After some anniversary celebrations this week in New York and Boston, he'll be making stops in Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco, before rounding off his US tour in Los Angeles at the end of August. Then we turn our attention to growing our international presence, as we look to eventually become available to all wine enthusiasts and professionals around the world.





We are thrilled with the wonderful reception that the Coravin System has received from wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. We've experienced an incredible amount of growth in our first year of business, and are looking forward to more innovation, growth, and of course, wine in the future.


Cheers, and happy anniversary!