Have you ever called Coravin with a question and wondered about the bubbly and passionate voice you heard on the phone? I recently sat down with Terry Fountain, Coravin’s Customer Service Manager, and learned a little bit about her history with wine and how Coravin is changing everything for she and her husband.


What are you responsible for at Coravin?

At Coravin, I am responsible for ensuring that our customers have a superlative experience. We want to make sure their needs are met, that their questions are answered, and they understand not only how our product works but how it fits into their lives.


Why did you decide to join Coravin?

I was excited that Coravin was a startup that dealt with a product that I found really interesting. I liked the idea that the product is related to wine (which I love). My family asked if they wrote this job just for me.

My husband and I started enjoying wine together when we were dating, which is more years ago than I care to admit– what the heck, 40 years ago. I have had a love affair with wine ever since. Being able to talk to folks that enjoy wine as much as we do? Well that is just heaven for me.


What do you like most about your job?

I love talking to our customers and hearing them say “this is changing how I drink wine, I have a whole collection of wine that I was afraid to access until now.” I love it. That is what this is all about.

On the other side of things, I come into work every day and am working with all these great people that also feel the same way.

The combination of those two things is pretty cool.


How has Coravin allowed you to expand your horizons when it comes to wine?

In most of my other companies, I’ve been the go-to person when it comes to wine. I’ve loved that. What I’ve learned coming to Coravin is what a neophyte I am and how much more I have to learn. I’ve learned so much and it has been great sharing experiences with coworkers, learning from internal experts and from our customers. I already feel like I have increased my knowledge base by 200% and I feel like I’m learning every single day.


Are you using Coravin at home to explore new wines?

I sure do! At home, I’m a white wine drinker and my husband is a red wine drinker and Coravin has allowed us to avoid opening two bottles of wine at dinner.

We went to Napa last year and Coravin is allowing add interesting and innovative wines from vineyards we really like to our daily routine. Rather than opening a bottle of less expensive table wine with dinner, we can enjoy a glass of something extraordinary instead (although I admit we do sometimes drink the entire bottle anyways).


What advice would you give someone who is trying to expand their wine knowledge and appreciation?

Coravin gives you the opportunity to enjoy the tasting process and even admit that you aren’t completely sure what you like yet. You can create wonderful tasting experiences by yourself or with friends and family. Really take this opportunity to explore the world of wine.

When I get past my daughter’s wedding, I intend to host a wine tasting at my home.


What are you serving at the wedding?

Jordan Wines --- Cabernet and Chardonnay. They are very near and dear to our hearts. Jordan is one of the first wine makes that got us interested in wine all those years ago. We actually visited their vineyard recently and found out that they opened their chateau the same month that my husband and I met. We decided it was destiny.


Do you have a wine bucket list?

Of particular wines to try? Not really. My bucket list is more about wine experiences. I would love to take a sabbatical at some point and live in France to truly experience their wines firsthand.