How would you like to taste a wine without pulling out the cork? I know I would. As a wine writer at South Florida Gourmet I have to taste hundreds of wines before I write about them, and I hate to waste the bottle if I can’t drink it all. Because once you pull the cork, the wine comes into contact with air and oxidation begins.


When I saw the Coravin in action in a wine bar that recently opened in Coral Gables, I felt that that was the answer. The Coravin System enabled the wine director to serve pours of the store’s finest bottles and safekeep the rest for the following days, or weeks without fear of oxidation. Before inventing Coravin and becoming the Chairmain of Coravin Systems, Greg Lambrecht -- Inventor, Entrepreneur, Medical Device & Consumer Product executive -- was President & CEO of Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc.


The French press hailed it as a revolution in the wine world. Robert Parker gave Coravin kudos for what he called “the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers that has been developed or invented in the last 30-plus years.”


At a luncheon at The Cypress Room in Miami with staunch supporter Erik Larkee, sommelier and wine director at Miichael's Genuine Food & Drink Group, Greg tells how with Coravin, he has made every wine lover and wine collector’s dream come true: having your wine and keeping it too.


This article originally appeared on Food & Wine Talk WSFG. Listen to the whole interview here