Hidden Calories in WineAs the summer kicks off and you begin to attend barbecues or parties where you are offered bottles of amazing wine, keep in mind that those wines have calories, which often go overlooked. Whether you are trying to watch your summer body or just be health conscious, wine in moderation is key. At a restaurant, a calorie conscious consumer may choose to order a salad over a rib eye steak, but may not consider ordering just a glass of their favorite wine over the whole bottle.

Just like any other food or beverage, wine contains calories. These calories may not feel as substantial, but do not underestimate the caloric effects of over-indulging in your favorite wine. Wine by the glass, served at home or in a restaurant, has a number of advantages: flexibility in both choices and tasting ability, the option to preserve remaining wine, and more. Wine by the glass also gives way to calorie intake control, which would be favorable to consumers who prioritize wellbeing. There are wine accessories available, like Coravin, which allow simple and easy consumption of wine by the glass.

This may not just remain a consumer level consideration, but also a commercial one down the road. According to a May 31st article in the Wine Spectator, come December 2015 a Food and Drug Administration guideline will go into effect requiring restaurants to post calorie counts for alcoholic beverages on their menus. This rule will apply to all chain restaurants, which are outlined by having 20 or more locations under the same name, such as Legal Sea Foods or Mortons The Steakhouse. This will no doubt have a number of implications for restaurants as consumers, especially younger consumers, are becoming more and more health conscious. The article mentions that it is unclear whether or not restaurant diners will be swayed in their wine decision making by the calorie disclaimers. To avoid costs associated with wasted bottles wine, chain restaurants may look to seek out additional wine preservation and access methods. It will be interesting in the future to see if there will be a trend in wine by the glass being ordered, not just by cost conscious customers but by calorie conscious customers as well.

However, in the meantime as a wine consumer drink responsibly…. your body will thank you later.