Winter Bike DestinationsWell, it's December. Thanksgiving was last week, the holiday season kicked off just after that, and there are still six feet of snow in Buffalo - winter is here. But just because it's freezing cold and getting dark before five o'clock, doesn't mean that you have to put a stop to your warm weather activities. DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. published a list on their blog of the Top 10 Winter Bike Tour Destinations. Now might be a great time to book one and head for warmer weather!

There comes a time every year, when we cyclists are forced to drag our bikes off of the road and spend more time in the sweaty spin room. During this time our cravings for the sights, smells and sensations of outdoor bike riding intensifies with every passing week. It is no coincidence that the winter blues have a habit of creeping up on some of us. However, more and more people are realizing that you don’t have to go a whole winter without feeling the rush of the ride that can only be experienced outdoors. There are destinations all over the world that offer superb cycling from November through March. Need some help finding one that is right for you? We crunched some numbers and composed a list of our most popular winter bike tour destinations. With sandy beaches, fresh, local fare, and perfect seasonal temperatures, a trip to one of these destinations is sure to give you the outdoor cycling fix you are looking for as well as ward off the winter blues.

1. Mendoza | Latin America

2. Chile | Latin America

3. Ecuador + Galapagos | Latin America

4. Santa Barbara | North America

5. Costa Rica | Latin America


Read the rest on the DuVine blog.


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