Is there an important birthday is coming up?


Thought so. Have you thought about what your happy birthday wine will be?

Some birthdays are more nostalgic than others. For instance, age 29 marks the end of your 20s (don’t be scared, it gets better). Conversely, some happy birthday wines should be a new experience. Let’s take a look at pairing the right wine with a birthday; the ultimate happy birthday wine list.


The process of finding a great birthday wine can be a delightful challenge, so we’ve outlined what defines each decade and a style of wine that fits rather nicely into that theme. You don’t have to follow the list verbatim, but we hope it gives you inspiration to make your upcoming happy birthday wine awesome.



bday wines


This article originally appeared on Wine Folly. Click here to read about birthday wine pairings, and which wine you should consider drinking on your next birthday!