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Pairing the Best Picture nominees from the 2014 Oscars with wines

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  • American Hustle → RieslingBlue Nun wine was all the rage in the ’70s and it’s highly likely the characters of American Hustle drank it. While it’s called a “Riesling,” its flavors more resemble that of gasoline, so instead of trying to choke that down, we’re going to recommend a nice Mosel Riesling as an homage to the Blue Nun.
  • Captain Phillips → Bob’s African Wine: If you find yourself on a ship being attacked by pirates, you’re going to need a drink. So drink a wine that actually gives back to Africa and maybe those pirate attacks won’t happen as often…
  • Dallas Buyers Club → One Hope Wine: AIDS sucks. Do something about it by drinking this California Merlot. Proceeds provide medicine, food, and shelter to the children and adults fighting this horrific disease.
  • Gravity → Cognac: We can think of a few reasons why NASA doesn’t send booze to outer space, but the Russians do, and they drink Cognac. After watching Gravity, we think maybe NASA should follow suit. If we were floating in the expanse that is space with no hope of finding gravity, we’d need a drink.
  • Her →  WinePod: If the idea of falling in love with a computer appeals to you, you’re probably the same person that loves the idea of a computer making your wine. And so we presentWinePod. It’s basically a bread machine, but for wine. Hope it works out for you.
  • Nebraska → Pinot Noir: Director Alexander Payne sure does love road trip movies. Remember that time he made one about wine and how great this one type called Pinot Noir was? Yeah, we figure that’s the wine you should drink if you’re rooting for this film.
  • Philomena → Meritage From Virginia: Philomena’s two main actors are both British, and there’s nothing the Brits love more than their Claret (we know it as Bordeaux). Because Philomena’s long lost son eventually settles and works in DC, drink a wine from Virginia made in the Claret style! In Virginia they call this blend Meritage.
  • 12 Years A Slave → Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Rosé: It’s because of Brad Pitt’s championing that this movie got made, so thank him and his lovely wife for sharing this important film with audiences by drinking their Rosé.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street → Champagne: Excess = Champagne. Simple as that. If you make money, why bother even drinking the stuff, just spray it all over everything. There’s nothing like wasting good Champagne to show you’ve made it. Just ask our friends at WhatsApp! Congratulations, you are having the most expensive water gun fight of your life.

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