The 88th Academy Awards are taking place this weekend. Whether or not you’re into the ceremony and glam of it all, we love any excuse to sip some wine – and, even better, pair some wine with great food. So for the occasion, we put together this brief list of food and wine pairing ideas for your Oscars’ viewing party. Your guests won’t be disappointed. Read on!


Feta Cheese Pops

Try to revisit your childhood’s cake pops – and instead, make some feta cheese pops! Their spicy kick will pair beautifully with a crisp and dry Chardonnay.

Homemade mushrooms and basil pizza

Perfect with a food-friendly Pinot Noir; you want to avoid a bold red with the light mushroom pizza bites. Both the wine and the dish are medium weight, which makes for a great union. Favor an earthy Pinot rather than a fruit-driven one.

Prosciutto figs filled with goat cheese

This is a classic appetizer, and a true crowd pleaser. What’s better than having subtly sweet fresh figs, creamy goat cheese, and tasty prosciutto, all in the same plate? Well, pairing it with a glass of Riesling. Its tropical dryness and smoky notes will marry well with this savory-sweet appetizer.

Arugula and pears toast

Throw some olive oil, pears, cheddar, feta cheese and arugula on a flat bread, bake until warm, and you’ve got yourself a true award-winning appetizer! Serve with Merlot for the best of effects.


For more Oscar food & wine pairing ideas, head over to the Wine Enthusiast’s magazine [].