Wine and CheeseWhat better way to end the day than indulging in a cheese/baguette combination and, obviously, a glass of wine? Although these are some of our palates’ favorite things, it sometimes get a little tough to pair them. We’re here to help you find the perfect match! Wine Enthusiast has made it easy for us, with a breakdown of the classic wine and cheese pairings, divided into four different cheese categories.

Just as with any food and wine pairing, you can either complement or contrast the flavors of the cheese and the wine accompanying it. We hear quite often that whites tend to pair better with cheese than their red counterparts, but a bold red like a Cab Sauv or a lighter-bodied red will find their perfect cheese partner as well!

When pairing your cheese, remember that it belongs to a specific category and style: Wine Enthusiast divides them into four categories:

Bloomy, for creamy, soft, luscious cheeses, like camembert or brie;

Hard, for stiffer aged cheese, with a hint of salt – gouda or parmesan belong to this category;

Blue, for pungent and salty cheeses with a blue tinge, such as gorgonzola or blue cheese;

Fresh, for soft, mild, spreadable cheeses: to give you an idea, burrata or ricotta are classified as fresh.


Now time to take the cheese out of the fridge and pour a glass of wine!

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