Rosé? Yes way! All day! We love rosé. And what’s not to love? Not only is the color intriguing, these wines are also delicious. Read on as we discover la vie en rose

We seriously love Grenache Rosé, enough to kick off this blog with it! Don’t be put off by how pink this wine is, Grenache Rosé knows how to really deliver flavors of watermelon, strawberry orange zest and lemon zest.  You’ll want to serve it cold, in order to capitalize on its zestiness. We recommend exploring Grenache from Spain, France and California. For the perfect food pairing, try spices and nightshades; think Middle Eastern, Indian and Moroccan food, yum!

Sip a glass of Sangiovese Rosé and your mouth will dance with cranberry, strawberry, honeydew, allspice and cumin. It sparkles with bright copper and pink undertone hues. This wine has the right balance between fruity, subtle meatiness and pleasant dryness. Sangiovese Rosé is bold and should be served cold. It pairs marvelously with Chinese, Thai, Italian and Moroccan cuisine. For a delightful first taste, pick up a bottle from Italy, where it is the most planted grape, or from Washington State.

If you’re looking for a rosé that can stand next to a hearty pizza or bowl of chili, look no further than Syrah Rosé. One of the darkest rosés, it is also one of the meatiest. Expect plum, dry cherry, red pepper, cured meat and peach skin flavors. A definite funky and bold wine!  For this heavy-hitter, go straight for American bottles.

For all red wine lovers, who want to delve into rosé, just pick up a glass of Tavel Rosé. Said to be a man’s wine, it’s famous for being the supposed favorite of Ernest Hemmingway. It is also famous for being extra dry, compared to other rosés. This pretty can be paired with BBQ, brisket and hearty stews. Be prepared to smell nuts and summer fruits. Tavel Rosé has all the characteristics of a red, in a salmon colored wine. Very interesting indeed! For a great experience, pick up a French bottle.

To round out this group, we present to you Tempranillo Rosé. This pale pink wine is herbaceous and a bit spicy. You will experience notes of green pepper, chicken, strawberry, raspberry and flowers. This wine is gaining more popularity in the Rioja region. You will love Tempranillo Rosé with tacos, light tapas and veggies. For this wine, you of course want a bottle from Spain.

Now that we have explored five amazing rosé varieties, we are ready for more. With rosé, there is much more to discover! Don’t be shy, there is nothing wrong with being pretty in pink. Can we get another glass?