Often overlooked, the wineries of the Midwest are definitely worth a visit. This area of our country is rich in fertile land, temperate weather, and that famous hard working character.  Midwestern vineyards are churning out delicious and interesting wine. Hundreds of wineries are at home in the Midwest countryside. These are perfect destinations for an afternoon outing or a quick weekend getaway. Wineries here are not only for tasting pairing, but they also host fun affairs, such as festivals and live music events. So if you want to know what Midwestern wine is all about, follow us on this journey!

Our first stop is the land of Lincoln. Illinois’ famous Shawnee Hills Wine Trail is the best known wine region in the state. This 25 mile-long trail is set to the backdrop of the Shawnee National Forest.  The dozen wineries that form this proud trail, feature everything from quaint little inns, gardens, lakes to paddle boat in and even rock formations. There’s even an awesome passport program to really enjoy this trail to the max.  

For more information: http://www.shawneewinetrail.com/

Indiana was an early wine producer in this country. Nowadays, this proud tradition is being revived by wineries along the Ohio River, as well as the many wine trails. If you love all things wine, but also enjoy scenes of rolling hills, river towns, antique shops, state parks, historic sites, B&Bs, galleries and cafés, the Indiana Wine Trail, in Southeast Indiana, is for you. Here, eight artisan wineries will welcome you. Just like this one, Indiana boasts 5 more amazing trails that transform winemaking into a relaxed Hoosier style event!

For more information: http://www.indianawines.org/

The wine scene in Missouri has been popular long before today’s wine and vineyard fad. Since the late 1800’s, when German winemakers arrived in the area, the state has been producing wine. These days, more than 80 vineyards call Missouri home. Wine in Missouri is unique. Never heard of Norton? What about Vignoles? Just head to Missouri’s wine country to learn all about it! Here, they pride themselves on making award winning wines with Midwestern care. They boast 10 wine trails and more than 125 wineries. With so much to see and taste, it’s no wonder why they call it the Show-Me State!

To learn more: http://missouriwine.org/

We are happy to close this issue with one of the most beautiful and scenic states in this region. Of course we are talking about pure Michigan! Not only does its U.P. and L.P. (that’s upper peninsula and lower peninsula for all not in the know) have awe-inspiring landscapes and vistas, its wineries are also breathtakingly beautiful. Michigan wine is going through an exciting renaissance. Within the 5 wine trails, there is one that is being called the Napa of the Midwest. That is the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail. Here, the views are only rivaled by what’s in your glass. A total of 21 wineries and tasting rooms dot the trail, with short distances between them. Imagine drinking a glass of remarkable red, while breathing in the crisp lake air? Not bad at all!

Find out more: http://www.michiganwines.com/home

These Rust-Belt states are anything but rusty! They are historic, charming, and full of life! Their wine is definitely a must try for all American wine lovers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love with a Midwest wine!