“Wine” and “technology” are probably not two words you would think of in the same sentence. But when combined, they can do some pretty remarkable things.


Let’s start with “wine.”


Whether you’re sitting at home or at your favorite restaurant, when it comes to wine sometimes all we want is a glass. Sure there are some of us who endeavor to finish the entire bottle in one sitting, but if you just want a taste or plan on driving (drink responsibly folks!), one glass can be plenty. But what do you do with the rest of the wine?

 People Drinking Wine


If you’re just having a glass, you may find yourself later trying to preserve the wine in some fashion or otherwise dumping what you don’t drink. The fact is that once we remove the cork, the wine gets introduced to oxygen and then a natural evolution of the wine takes place. The same wine from your first glass to a glass minutes later can be totally different. Sometimes that’s great, but other times, like when you put the cork back in the bottle and return to the wine a day or more later, it’s not so great.


That’s where the technology comes in.




Coravin's Wine Technology allows you to enjoy the wine you want without the pressure to commit to a whole bottle or disturbing the wine’s natural aging process. Basically, wine drinkers can pour wine and leave the cork in place. The big question now is, “How?” The answer -- “technology.”


This is how it works:


- A thin, hollow needle passes through the foil (don’t worry, it also works with wax) and the cork to access the wine.

- The bottle is pressurized with Argon, an inert gas present in the air we breathe which winemakers have been using for years.

- The positive pressure of the Argon gas allows the wine to flow through the needle (one way valve), out of the bottle and into the glass, and all without allowing any oxygen into the bottle!

- Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals itself (more on cork technology to come!), and the remaining wine continues to evolve naturally.


While sharing a bottle is nice, you shouldn’t need to commit to the whole thing. With Coravin™ you can now access your favorite wines without pulling the cork. Its smart technology made beautifully simple.