I love apps that do the work for you. I’ve got apps on my phone that track my runs, find me a taxi, and schedule everything from dinner reservations to doctor’s appointments. Since I started working at Coravin, I’ve been challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to wine, to try new things, and learn as much as I can. But the wine world can be very intimidating. I’m definitely guilty of walking into a liquor store, taking one look at my endless choices and setting on something familiar or something with a display with tasting notes and a rating.


This approach made me miss out on a lot so I decided to turn to my trusty iPhone for help. I discovered lots of apps that will help you remember wines, research wines, order wines, and even brush elbows with other wine lovers. Here are a few of my favorites!

Delectable – Delectable is my personal favorite wine app because it brings a little bit of everything to the table – and it does it really well. How many times have you enjoyed a great glass of wine out to dinner or at a friend’s party, only to completely forget what you were drinking by the time you go to purchase? It’s happened to me one too many times. Delectable solves that problem. Simply take a photo of a wine label and the app will note the vintage, winemaker and wine name for you. You can add ratings and comments to the wine and even tag friends and locations so you can remember when you enjoyed that bottle. Curious what others thought of that bottle? Delectable has a community aspect that allows you to compare notes and get ideas for future purchases. Delectable doesn’t stop there – the app serves as your personal wine concierge. They’ll not only track down bottles for you, they’ll work directly with winemakers and top retailers to have the wine delivered to your doorstep (if the state you live in allows it).


There are a few other great apps that offer similar functionality to Delectable – Drync, Snooth, Vivino – my suggestion is to download them all and experiment a little until you find the one that suites you best!

Hello Vino – Sometimes, selecting the perfect wine can be intimidating but Hello Vino is great at narrowing down the choices. Using a very intuitive survey, Hello Vino delivers wine recommendations for food pairings, gifts, holidays, or, based on taste or region. The app makes it easy to select a perfect wine to pair with anything from Sushi to Fajitas. You can also read expert reviews and articles. Hello Vino even allows you to share wines with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

WinesTilSoldOut – There is nothing better than drinking a fine wine, except maybe for finding that wine at a deep discount. WTSO focuses on selling wine at deep discounts off retail. This is a great app to discover wines that may be outside your price point, or not yet on your radar. One wine is sold at a time and when it has sold out, a new wine is offered. Each available wine is accompanied by easy to digest details and tasting notes. A bonus? Shipping is free wherever they can ship in the US.

Wine Events (Local Wine Events.com) – This app not only lists major festivals and events but also tastings at your neighborhood liquor store, educational opportunities and cooking classes. Right now, they are listing 230 upcoming events in the Boston area – the choices are endless. I’ve learned about and attended a couple of great events through this app and love that their exclusive ticket deals help me save a little money.


These apps will definitely do the work for you, making it easier than ever to discover new wines. I hope they are as helpful to wine education experience as they are to mine but if you discover other wine apps that you love, leave them in the comments as I’m always interested in trying new ones!