In early 2012 I had breakfast with Greg Lambrecht about the potential of becoming a Board member at Coravin. He gave me a demonstration of the Coravin system and I immediately imagined how it could impact millions of wine lovers around the world. Having been CEO of Keurig single cup coffee systems for over 10 years, I understood what can happen when you have an innovative technology that can transform a consumer’s experience with one of their favorite beverages. I also understood how my past experience could help this happen sooner because of the many parallels with Keurig. The conversation quickly transitioned to me becoming CEO and I joined the company soon thereafter.


Building a company means assembling a team of people who not only have excellent skills, but who are also passionate about what they do. Team building is what gives me the most satisfaction. As with any business, but especially start-ups, you never know what will happen next. A strong team is resilient, flexible and determined to succeed regardless of the challenges that appear along the way. I am proud to say that we have a team of employees who are committed to excellence in everything they do.


For over 300 years, to enjoy a glass of wine a bottle needed to be opened. At Coravin we have a vision of empowering wine enthusiasts around the world to be able to enjoy a glass of the wine they desire without committing to the bottle. Changing the way wine is enjoyed, served and sold, one glass at a time.


Nick Lazaris is President, CEO and board member of Coravin, LLC. With nearly 30 years of experience leading and growing consumer product companies, Mr. Lazaris has worked with globally renowned businesses to build highly successful brands from the ground up. Most notably, prior to joining Coravin, he served as the CEO of Keurig for 11 years, where he grew the company from a pioneer in premium, single cup coffee brewing systems to iconic brand status and a number-one sales position with the market. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School, Mr. Lazaris began his career in government before shifting to consumer products, serving in leadership positions with companies such as Wright Line and MW Carr. He has been a lecturer in recent years at the Harvard Business School. He is currently serving in the role of independent board member for Vitamix, the leader in premium blending. Mr. Lazaris most recently served on the boards of Aquasana and Bevyz Global Limited.