The Stave Wine Cellar concept is part lounge and part wine shop, providing a luxurious yet comfortable space to explore the intricacies of the wine world. In addition to more than 30 wines and eight craft beers by the glass, Stave Wine Cellar features more than 250 wines for purchase by the bottle, which line the walls in custom-crafted honeycomb shelving. To expose visitors to new and unique tastes outside of Monterey County, wines by the glass include intriguing regional and international wines that hail from countries like Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Argentina, and California regions including Sonoma, Mendocino County, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. Stave Wine Cellar also has on-hand a Coravin device, which allows guests to explore new varietals and taste pristine wine without having to purchase the entire bottle. This includes coveted selections such as Sine Qua Non, Kistler, Caymus, Screaming Eagle and Opus One.