Underrated Wines

Unlike French Burgundies or Napa Cabs, some wines just adon't have the same recognition wherever you go. We consulted with wine experts for advice on what to drink that's not given enough credit, whether they're up and coming, misunderstood, or just given a bad rap. So the next time you head to the wine store, try exploring one of these "underrated" wines. 

Daniel Johnnes

(@lapauleenyc @danieljohnnes)

Founder of La Paulée de New York™ and Wine Director of Chef Daniel Boulud’s DINEX Group

"Chablis wines are somehow still underrated – in an era of ever-soaring prices in the Côte d’Or of Burgundy, Chablis still has great value and, with some age, can provide some pretty incredible drinking experiences."


William Rohlfing


Assistant General Manager and Beverage Director at Sorellina

"I am a big sweet wine proponent, and I don’t think it gets nearly enough love. Some of the greatest wines in the world are Port, Sauternes, Tokaji, TBA Riesling, SGN Gewurtz, etc. And these days, everyone wants a dry wine. I even have people who ask me for a dessert wine that isn’t sweet. Why? What is wrong with sweet? Some of the most complex, unctuous, sexy, and age-worthy wines are sweet. Also, I think they are under-appreciated with savory dishes. Next time you have lobster, have a glass of ‘dessert’ wine along with it. What do we love about lobster? It’s sweet, rich, and goes well with butter. What better than a richly textured, sweet wine with a great backbone of acidity to match with that? Tokaji and lobster is one of my favorite matches to surprise people with. It’s good with Asian food too!"


Lorenzo Ruggeri


Editor of Gambero Rosso Wine Travel Food

"I love the elegant red wines from Dao in Portugal. Going back to Italy I think that Fiano di Avellino deserves much more attention. Keep an eye on the 2010 and 2013 vintages."


Christopher Prewett


Cetrified Sommelier and Fine Wine Sales Manager at The Jug Shop

"Riesling.  Especially with residual sugar.  More of the wine-drinking public need to read Terry Theise and thereupon reevaluate their wine selections/opinions up to this point in their lives.  I’m not saying that everyone needs to take only what Dr. Theise prescribes, but knocking Riesling with RS because of the RS (whether it’s in a certain bottling or not) just needs to stop.  And plus, just drink some.  I can see knocking wines with cloying, artificial dosages for being sweet, but that, good Riesling with or without RS, is not."


Marybeth Bentwood

(@WinesofChile @marybethwine)

Executive Director of Wines of Chile

It's not just my job to say that but it's TRUE. If could do blind taste tests with the industry as a whole I think people would be shocked at how much Chile over delivers from a price to quality ratio.


Véronique Sanders


CEO of Château Haut-Bailly

"2002 was underrated. Today it is a great, powerful wine in wonderful balance!"


Leah Hammer


Director of Cellar Acquisitions at Vinfolio

"I would probably say “underappreciated” or “undervalued” and that would be Sauternes. Beyond d’Yquem, there is tremendous pleasure to be had from exceptional Chateaus like Coutet, Guiraud, and Rieussec among others. The amount of labor and precision that go into making these wines is astounding. They are best on their own at dinner’s end  – especially when lingering over great conversation with good friends. People stay and talk and the night takes on a different vibe."