Happy New Year! We are now entering our sixth month of changing the world of wine, one glass at a time. Here in the Coravin office, wine is becoming our collective hobby.


With a revolutionary and inspirational product like Coravin, it’s impossible not to take an interest in wine. Our employees come from all different professional backgrounds, very few in the wine industry itself. This has been a learning experience for all of us. I asked our employees if any of their New Year’s Resolutions were related to their relationship with wine or wine drinking habits. Here are 10 of my favorite responses (with my commentary):


Alex Jacaruso (Inside Sales) - "I want to learn more about food and wine pairings. I've spent several years learning about beer and food pairings, and would like to expand my palate to include wine."

1.) Pay more attention to food and wine pairings. It’s easy to order wine based on generalizations, but there are many nuanced characteristics about different wines that can impact your entire meal (just ask any sommelier).

Terry Fountain (Manager, Customer Service) - I've resolved to return to Napa this year (a place near and dear to my heart), and will start planning a trip to France with my husband."

2.) Visit a winery or wine region in 2014. This does not necessarily mean flying across the world to Italy for a taste of Chianti right from the winery (though it would be nice), it can be as simple as visiting a local winery – even if it’s in your home state. There is no better way to understand how wine is made than a visit right to the source.

Danielle Davini (Sales Coordinator) - "I've decided to recruit others to take an interest in wine so that I can have someone to do tastings, attend classes and try new wines with."

3.) Get a friend interested in wine. Drinking and tasting wine is most enjoyable when surrounded by friends and family.

I, Claire Gorman (Marketing Coordinator), have resolved to keep more accurate tasting notes. So often I try a new wine that I love, but don’t pay attention to exactly what it is I liked about it. This makes it very difficult to replicate! I’m hoping Delectable will make this easier for me.

4.) Actually keep tasting notes (try Delectable!)

Howard Leyda (VP Marketing) - "I'm going to finish my 2013 tour of Italian wines and continue on my world tour, focusing on a new region in 2014…maybe France?"

5.) Try a different or new wine region/varietal/style each month this year. This may seem ambitious, but this will give you a really focused look at how climate, region, soil, style or producer can affect and completely change the final product.

Jessica Bourne (Social Media Specialist) - "I'm going to use all the resources available to me when making a decision at the liquor store -- apps, and recomendations from knowledgable sales people. I'm going to stop relying on in-store signage."

6.) Make a more educated selection when choosing a bottle. An Australian study conducted by research groups at the University of South Australia showed that shelf talkers and ratings displayed in wine stores had an undoubtedly positive impact on the purchase rate of those wines. Wine ratings can be useful tools, but are also subjective.

Steve Gasman (Brand Manager) - I want to find new ways to use wine in the kitchen (other than drinking it) throughout the course of this year.


7.) Use wine in your cooking – there are many ways to use wine when you cook. It is a key ingredient in many savory dishes, but can be used to make desserts as well. It can help season a meal, but also keep it moist and affect how it cooks. Adding wine to meal preparation is a great way to try new flavor and ingredient combinations!

Denise Martin (Business Partner Coordinator) - "I've decided that this year I will start trying new things when it comes to selecting wines. I'm going to start by participating in tastings hosted by my local wine store."

8.) Expand your horizons and branch out from the varietal that you know you like.


We at Coravin are looking forward to a new year of accessing wine, to expand horizons, try new things and continue learning – we encourage you to join us! Tell us, what are some of your New Year’s Wine Resolutions?