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  • Implementing a Coravin BTG Program


    To ensure success, your Coravin BTG program should be customized to t your restaurant, designed specically to work with your format and enhance your beverage program. Below are some steps to take to ensure success!


    1. Setting up the Menu

    Make your Coravin BTG list work as hard as possible to sell your most unique and profitable pours.


    2. Selecting Your Wines

    There are many creative ways to structure your Coravin program. To ensure success, your Coravin BTG program should be customized to t your restaurant, designed specically to work with your format and enhance your beverage program. The easiest program to manage consists of selecting 3 reds and 3 whites to feature on the Coravin list and rotating these wines on a monthly or quarterly basis. The following page features some case studies for additional ideas.


    3. Training Your Staff

    Management backing and comprehensive staff training are critical to implementing a successful Coravin program and seeing positive long-term ROI. Take advantage of Coravin’s Quick Start Guide and videos at http://www.coravin.com/customer-service/ and coach staff on how to sell Coravin BTG at your restaurant.

    Practice - Ensure that all servers have ample time to practice with the Coravin System so it will be second nature when using it in front
    of guests. Don’t forget to repeat trainings for new employees!

    Starting the Conversation - Here are some simple talking points that can be used to introduce guests to Coravin.

    • The wines in the Coravin section of the BTG list are very high-end pours that were previously only available in full bottle format. Now you can enjoy just a glass or two of a remarkable wine.

    • Since we use Coravin to pour wine without removing the cork, each glass is pristine - exactly how the wine maker intended.

    • There is no need to compromise on a bottle for the table - now, everyone can drink exactly what he/she likes, and even pair a new glass with each course for an elevated dining experience.


    4. Executing Your Program

    Promote the Program - Encourage staff to point out the Coravin BTG list and consider printing the Coravin list on a small table tent for increased visibility.

    Serve Table Side - Using the Coravin System table side creates a unique and memorable guest experience and increases wine sales at neighboring tables. Generally, a sommelier or manager handles table side service.