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12 Wine Housewarming Gifts for Preservation and Hosting

March 23, 2022

Written By Coravin

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming. After settling in and finding a place for all of your favorite things, there’s sometimes a desire to upgrade what you have – especially in the kitchen. Help new homeowners welcome friends and family into their new nest with wine tools and accessories for serving, pairing, and appreciating every bottle. Read on for a list of housewarming-worthy wines to bundle with your gift.

Coravin Pivot™ for wine housewarming gifts 

Coravin Pivot makes a great gift for everyone from casual wine drinkers to vino aficionados. Simply remove the wine closure, immediately insert the Pivot stopper, then pour your first glass using the Pivot wine by the glass system. Argon gas inserted into the bottle preserves the rest of the wine for up to 4 weeks, ensuring the last glass is just as amazing as the first. Pivot™ can be used on virtually any still wine – the cork, screw cap, glass stopper, or any other closure can be easily replaced by the Pivot stopper. Give new homeowners the freedom to choose between red, white, or rosé day of the week without needing to finish the bottle.

8 wine-related housewarming gifts

Gift new homeowners accessories and tools that can help them store, serve, and pair foods with the wines they love. Shop our favorite brands on the Coravin Marketplace:

1. Portable wine cart

The Johnnie Bar Cart by Winsome holds everything necessary for a portable bar with plenty of bottle and glass storage. Perfect for smaller spaces or for homes where parties spill over from room to room. 

2. Wall-mounted wine rack

For those wine bottles you want easy access to or vintages you like to keep on display, this Revue wall-mounted wine rack comes in a satin black or silver metal finish to fit different aesthetics. 

3. Wine barrel serving tray

This tray is handmade by Alpine Wine Design using upcycled oak wine barrels. The individual barrel staves have been repurposed into the sides of this serving tray. Each barrel stave has unique markings on the outer edge and features a rich burgundy color, the result of years of aging wine.

4. Cheese Grotto

Like wine, cheese deserves superior preservation. The Cheese Grotto Piatto is a collapsible solution for your everyday cheese storage needs. The Piatto is made from birchwood which has long been used in cheese preservation for hundreds of years. Learn more about Cheese Grotto here. 

5. Wine barrel soap and lotion set

This one is another gift-worthy product by Alpine Wine Design. Bring Napa Valley to the bathroom with this soap and lotion set made from recycled wine barrels. It’s handmade in Colorado and holds two quality glass pumps.

6. Two-glass gift box set

This two-glass set from Gabriel-Glas contains two universal, lead-free crystal wine glasses aptly named “One for All.” Gabriel-Glas is designed to fully express any wine it delivers and is seamless, elegant and pleasurable to the senses.

7. Cheese knife

Most wine lovers also love cheese. Gift the new homeowners in your life a quality cheese knife by Georg Jensen. The SKY cheese knife by Aurelien Barbry has been carefully crafted with a good grip and small holes to prevent the cheese from sticking to it. 

8. Wine opener

If you’ve ever used a bad wine opener, you know the importance of a quality one. The Soft Machine® Rosewood by L’Atelier du Vin extracts the cork from your bottle in one, swift move. Contains a foil cutting-blade which is great for those bottles your accessing with Coravin Timeless. 

Best wines for housewarming gifts

We can’t stop there. In addition to the 12 gifts listed above, we also have a long list of recommended wines that make for good housewarming gifts. 

5 best wines for under $50 for housewarming gift

Want to give the gift of wine to celebrate a housewarming? These wines are all priced at under $50, making them a great pairing for wine lovers with Coravin Pivot. 

  1. 2018 Martinelli Vigneto di Evo Zinfandel | $40

  2. 2018 Grgich Hills Estate Zinfandel Napa Valley | $36

  3. 2019 Dandelion Vineyards Riesling Enchanted Garden of the Eden Valley | $27

  4. 2017 Chateau des Eyrins La Closerie des Eyrins Margaux  | $45

  5. 2019 Theopolis Vineyards Theo-patra’s Cuvée Cerise | $42

5 best wines for under $75

Looking to gift something special without completely breaking the bank? These wines under $75 would look great on display in homeowners’ new wine rack. 

  1. 2018 Hirsch San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir | $62

  2. 2016 Iron Horse Heart of the Vineyard Chardonnay | $54

  3. 2019 Jacques Lemenicier Cornas | $65

  4. 2018 Papapietro-Perry Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir | $59

  5. 2019 Tablas Creek Esprit de Tablas Blanc | $55

Best wines for under $100

For the homeowners who already have dedicated wine storage and love to collect, these wines come in at just under $100. Gift bubbly, smooth Chardonnay, or special reds.

  1. B. Stuyvesant Champagne Prestige Rose NV | $88

  2. 2016 Hertelendy Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay Russian River Valley | $85

  3. 2015 Le Artishasic Old Vine Carignan Redwood Valley | $95

  4. 2003 Warre's Vintage Port | $85

  5. 2018 Eden Rift Pinot Noir Lansdale | $78

There are so many great gifts out there for new homeowners who love wine. Aside from making sure their bar is stocked with the latest Coravin wine by the glass systems, give unique gifts from the Coravin Marketplace. Of course, you can’t go wrong with gifting a bottle. Shop all of our wines on the Coravin Wine Shop.

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