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7 Wine Gadgets Every Wedding Registry Needs

July 29, 2021

Written By Chelsie Petras

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in a human’s life. As a recently engaged human myself, I have spent the last year planning a wedding, buying a dress, making a guest list and arguably my favorite part, creating a wedding registry. There is something to be said about the excitement one feels when adding a new vacuum cleaner to their registry or those new plates you’ve been eyeing. 

Items that bring even more excitement are ones that have to do with my favorite beverage, wine. I am a wine lover, educator, writer and most of all, a wine drinker. It will come at no surprise that my registry has a lot of wine items on it but here are my top 7 that every wine loving person creating a registry should add.

Coravin Timeless Six+ ($299)

The Coravin Timeless Six+ will always be my go to wedding registry item. Every wine lover, novice or expert, needs this. It’s a great gift for the registry and something that will be a staple in your home.

Coravin Pivot ($99)

If the Coravin Timeless Six+ is a little much for you, then opt for the Pivot. This model is very wallet-friendly ($99) and works on any bottle of still wine – the closure type doesn’t matter! Your wine will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks with the Pivot system. 

Coravin Standard Screw Caps ($29.95)

I enjoy a lot of wine where the closure is a screw cap, which doesn’t work with Coravin Timeless wine preservation systems and the Coravin needles. Coravin solved that with their screw caps! These are an affordable add-on to your registry that will end up getting a lot of use. The top of the cap mimics a natural cork so that you can use your Coravin system on screw cap wine closures.

VinGardeValise Petite 8-Bottle ($299)

Going to a wine destination on your honeymoon? Bring along a wine suitcase so you can load up on your favorite bottles of the trip and not have to worry about shipping them home.

NiceBuckets Jeddah Dove Ice Bucket ($70) 

I love to entertain and have people over for dinner. An easy way to look like you are the host with the most is an ice bucket. I love this design from NiceBuckets (there are a ton more in the marketplace!). Keep your white wine, bubbles and rosés perfectly chilled tableside for your guests. 

Aervana Original ($99.95)

If you ever find yourself opening up the entire bottle of wine, add the Aervana to your registry. This tool allows you to create what I like to think of as a “wine on tap.” This gadget aerates your wine by infusing it with oxygen, under pressure, while it is being dispensed. 

GLASVIN The Perfect Pairing; Set of 4 ($145)

A set of good wine glasses is an essential for every household. This set of 4 (which also comes in a set of 8) from GLASVIN are thin enough for you to get the most out of your wine tasting but sturdy enough that they won’t shatter. I prefer to use these as my “fancy” glasses when I’m tasting a really special wine or want to make dinner at home feel a little more special. 

Be sure to check out the Coravin marketplace, where there are even more items that you should add to your wedding registry.