The Bachelor: Wine Pairings to Get You Through Every Episode

January 03, 2021

Written By Coravin

The 2021 season of The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 4, and we want to make sure you’re ready and stocked up on the best wines – and Coravin accessories – to enhance the viewing experience. 

Read on to better understand which Coravin system and accessories you need based on your wine drinking style and our full episode-by-episode The Bachelor wine pairing guide. 

First, who is the Bachelor in 2021?

This year’s bachelor, Matt James, is the first Black Bachelor in the show’s 25-season history. He was initially intended to be a cast member on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette but, after getting to know him, ABC decided he’d make the perfect Bachelor. 

Because we know you want to get to the wines, here a few quick facts about Matt:

  • He’s 28.

  • He played football at Wake Forest University, then made a brief appearance as a wide receiver in the NFL. 

  • He founded ABC Food Tours.

  • He’s outspoken about racial injustices and the Black Lives Matter movement.

bachelor image matt james

Understand your drinking style

Now that you’re all googly-eyed over Matt, let’s talk about drinking styles. Are you the type of wine drinker that typically finishes a bottle in a matter of hours? Do you like to enjoy a bottle over a few days or weeks? Or, maybe you’re the type of wine drinker that likes one glass of this on Monday day and one glass of that on Tuesday, so preserving your bottles for months or years is a priority. 

Here’s a basic breakdown of the Coravin systems and accessories we recommend for each type of wine drinker:

  • Hours: To be honest, you might not need a Coravin system if this is how you drink most bottles in your household. Check out our Pivot Wine Preservation System for the bottles you do enjoy slower and browse our Marketplace for carafes, ice buckets, and aerators – all of which will enhance the wine-drinking experience.

  • Days/weeks: If you typically enjoy a bottle of wine over the course of days or weeks, the Pivot Wine Preservation system is also our top choice for you. The Pivot will help you match your wine to your mood, meal, or the Bachelor episode. As you pour, the Pivot replaces wine with Argon gas which helps preserve the remaining bottle for up to 4 weeks, making the last glass as amazing as the first. From our Marketplace, you might like Cheese Grotto, Vinglacé, and Alpine Wine Design

  • Months/years: If you’re the type of wine drinker that likes to have a glass of Chardonnay here and a glass of aged Merlot there, and would like to do so without pulling the cork, our classic systems are for you. Browse our popular Model Five and less shiny Model Three. If you have older vintages in your collection, be sure to check out our different Pour Needles and consider investing in a NewAir fridge.

Our Bachelor wine pairing guide

The Bachelor typically airs over the course of 9 episodes, followed by a “Women Tell All” episode, then a 2-part premiere. This means you need 11 weeks of wine programming to get you to the end. If you’re familiar with the show, you already know that you need wines with a higher ABV percentage for certain episodes. Save and share our full The Bachelor wine pairing guide with your viewing buddies. Finally, rest assured that these wines won’t break your budget. Most are close to $20 and all are under $50.

the bachelor wine guide drinking game

Limo episode 

Every season starts with the classic opening limo episode where Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants exit limos (or other surprising “vehicles”) one by one to greet their princess or prince charming. Trying to make a good – or at least memorable – first impression, each contestant offers a cheesy joke or memorable one-liner. For this episode, keep things light and bright with an easy-to-drink Riesling. 

Regular episodes

This is where your Pivot or classic Coravin system will come in handy. Enjoy the same wines by the glass during the group date, two-on-one date, and those special one-on-one and date episodes. For the group dates, keep it light and fun with a Pinot Grigio. For the more stressful and catty two-on-one dates, a strong Cabernet Sauvignon will do the trick. For the one-on-ones, enjoy something easy and smooth that pairs well with most foods like a Pinot Noir. 

Hometown dates

Things are getting serious when Bachelor and Bachelorettes visit hometowns. We recommend an elegant crowd-pleaser like Chardonnay with crispy, oaky notes. 

Fantasy date 

Finally – alone time. This is when Chris gives Bachelors and Bachelorettes the key to the magical Fantasy Suite. For this episode, it’s time to break out that Pinot Noir from one-on-ones. It’s the perfect wine for this kind of night.

Women tell all episode

Before the finale, every season of The Bachelor takes a pause for an intense “Women Tell All” episode where key cast members sit down to answer viewer questions and open up about different dramatic scenes during the season. This episode – whether it’s “Women Tell All” or “Men Tell All” – can get a little catty. We recommend a high alcohol wine like a sherry or port. If you’re feeling wild, ditch the wine and pour some tequila.

Final Rose Ceremony episode

We made it to the end, the Final Rose Ceremony. This 2-part episode calls for some bubbly. Pop the cork on a nice French Champagne, Spanish Cava, or Italian Prosecco, and sip as you make real-time predictions about who’s The Bachelor is getting down on one knee for. 

We’d love to see how you’re using your Coravin to enhance The Bachelor viewing experience. Share with us, @Coravin. Cheers!