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Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

March 21, 2022

Written By Coravin

Wine is such a special way to mark memorable moments in time. Celebrations around graduations, career milestones, authentic accomplishments, and birthdays almost always include a “cheers” of sorts and our preferred beverage to cheers with is, without a doubt, a glass of wine. 

To mark these special moments in life, every wedding couple needs a Coravin wine by the glass system. Coravin allows you to enjoy a bottle over time – think a glass of the same wine for their first few anniversaries, a glass from a special bottle when children (or fur children) come into the world, or extending the life of your favorite table red for four pizza Fridays in a row. Big moments and small moments are better with wine. 

To help you find the best wedding gift for the wine loving couples in your life, we compiled a list of Coravin products, and bottles that are made to stand the test of time. 

Best wedding gift idea: Coravin Timeless Six+

Our Timeless line of wine by the glass systems preserves bottles for weeks, months, even years. The bundle includes our innovative Timeless Six preservation system, an aerator attachment, screw cap attachments for your favorite twist-off bottles, and our argon capsules. If your wine loving couple already has a Coravin system, you can stock up on capsules and screw caps, or gift them our aerator attachment. Keep the happy couple, well, happy with a fully-stocked at-home wine bar. 

I fell in love with Coravin in 2019 on my first trip to Napa Valley, CA. I knew I wanted one, but was on a very long Champagne-only kick. As time passed, I started to pour more and more red wines, so when my fiancé and I started planning our wedding, the first item I added to our wedding registry was the Coravin Timeless Three! I knew with my whole heart we enjoy too many types of wines to not have this tool in our bar. I thank my future mother-in-law almost daily for this because it has allowed us to indulge in higher end wines and host our very own wine tastings. I swear this is best wedding gift I could have ever dreamed of receiving!

Jenni Hilker

Founder of Return To You Coaching

5 wines that stand the test of time 

Coravin Timeless wine by the glass systems use a thin needle to pierce through cork and extract wine from the bottle. A natural cork reseals itself in a matter of minutes, preserving what's left in the bottle for weeks, months, even years. That said, not every bottle of wine is good years down the line. If you're looking to gift the special couple a wine that will last maybe one, two, or even ten anniversaries, we have some Coravin Wine Shop selections for you. Gift the wine loving couple a wine built to last so they can celebrate their special day with a taste years from now.

  1. 2016 Heitz Cellars Lot C-91 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley:  The 2016 Lot C-91 Cuvee has a density and length that only great wines are capable of. This bottle, priced at $100 on the Coravin Wine Shop, is the culmination of 50 years of tireless effort, trial and error, and the continual desire to make a most unique expression of the heralded vineyards of Heitz Cellar.

  2. 2018 Opus One Napa Valley: Opus One was founded by Baron Philippe de Rothschild, legendary proprietor of Château Mouton Rothschild, and renowned Napa Valley vintner Robert Mondavi. By combining the great winemaking traditions and innovations of both families, the founders’ singular goal was to create an exceptional wine in the heart of Napa Valley. In 2018, the vineyards enjoyed idyllic growing conditions with consistent weather and milder temperatures, leading profuse aromas of blackberry, cassis, and black cherry with notes of violets, white pepper, and rose petals.

  3. 2018 Chateau la Gaffeliere 1er Cru Classe Saint Emilion: This is one of those bottles that looks great on display but we recommend storing it properly so it lasts one or two decades. This elegant, dense, medium to full-bodied St.-Emilion with earthy, balsam, resiny notes interwoven with red and black currents, cedar, and underbrush should drink nicely for 15-20 years.

  4. 2003 Warre's Vintage Port: Warre, formerly known as Burgoyne & Jackson, Clark & Thornton, and Messrs, has been around since the early 1700s. By the end of the century, Warre had become one of the leading exporters pipes of Port. This 2003 vintage has a deep crimson color, fresh herbal aromas, and taste of vibrant blackberry. For $85, this is a great investment for a Port-loving couple.

  5. 2018 Horsepower The Tribe Vineyard Syrah: This wine is typically only sold direct from the winery, but Coravin was lucky enough to get two cases for the Coravin Wine Shop. If the happy couple loves wine, they've probably wanted to get their hands on a Horsepower Syrah. Gift this special wine as a wedding gift.

Our in-house sommelier has assured us that all of the wines above should be though at least the couple's tenth anniversary. Opus One and Chateau la Gaffeliere have the strength to last 20 years if cared for properly. For the best wedding gift ideas, shop and the Coravin Wine Shop.

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