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Not-so-Dryuary: How to Drink Wine in Moderation

January 02, 2021

Written By Coravin

The start of a new year invites the opportunity to press the reset button and set new goals for the months ahead. Making these commitments is a ritual practiced around the world and, most often, resolution-makers vow to exercise more and eat better. 

For many, “eating better” also includes limiting – or omitting – alcohol. Now, given the nature of our business, we aren’t hopping on the Dryuary train, but we’re here to support any drinking-in-moderation goals you have in 2021. Read on for some tips if drinking less is on your resolutions’ list. 

What is Dryuary?

Dryuary, a world play on “Dry January,” is when you pause from drinking alcohol for an entire month. The problem with this restrictive resolution is that restrictive behavior often results in a rebellious response. The minute the clock strikes February 1, you find yourself desperately reaching for a glass.

4 Tips: How to drink in moderation

Measure your pour

After the crazy year we had, it feels good to kick back with a glass of oaky Chardonnay or bold Cabernet. We’re not here to stop you but we can offer an important piece of advice: It’s all about portion size and balance. 

According to the USDA, one portion of wine is approximately 5 ounces (depending on the alcohol content). If you don’t know where that line is on your favorite wine glass, use a shot glass or measuring cup to find that spot and make a mental note for next time. Your Coravin wine preservation system can help by controlling the speed of the pour and giving the option to enjoy a glass without pulling the cork.

We’re promoters of balance – not perfectly-measured portions every time. Think about drinking until you’re satisfied, not tipsy.

Don’t drink right before bed

Sleep is a very important pillar of living a healthy lifestyle. While that nightcap might make you sleepy, it disturbs your sleep cycle in a negative way. Enjoy a class at dinner and make that dessert wine a treat here and there, not every day. 

Understand the health benefits

You might’ve heard someone say, “Wine is good for you!” Or, “A glass a day keeps the doctor away!” They aren’t lying. The polyphenols found in red wine are packed with antioxidants. One study even concludes that “regular and moderate consumption of red wine, perhaps 1 or 2 drinks a day with meals, should be encouraged.” For a healthy individual, this amount leads to decreased incidence of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, respiratory infections, and Alzheimer’s disease while also improving cognitive function. 

Understanding these healthy benefits helps you find new joy and purpose in your daily glass. That said, consult your doctor before prescribing yourself a daily drink.

Hydrate with water

You’ve probably learned this the hard way by waking up after a night of drinking with extreme thirst, fatigue, a headache, or irritability. Alcohol, in any form, is a diuretic which means it removes fluids from your blood and renal system faster than other liquids. 

Before, during, and after enjoying a glass of wine, be sure to drink water. This way, you’ll sip wine slower and learn to turn to water to “quench your thirst” instead of alcohol.

Rethinking Dryuary

Resolutions stick when they are realistic lifestyle changes. For wine-lovers, dessert-lovers, cheese-lovers, chocolate-lovers, being healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the things that make you happy. Instead of omitting vices from your diet, enjoy them in moderation. 

By striking a balance between eating healthier foods, moving your body, and moderating alcohol intake, you’ll make small, maintainable strides towards your healthy living resolutions.