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For the Love of Wine: 9 Wine-Related Wedding Gifts

August 02, 2021

Written By Carolyn Pifer

Enjoy this guest post by our friend, Carolyn Pifer of The American Wine Girl, photography by Danielle J Norton Photography.

With things returning to normal and large events taking place again, wedding season is in full swing. Whether you’re creating your own registry or buying gifts for a happy couple, the options can be overwhelming. Kitchen and home goods are always a classic go-to wedding gift, but sometimes it’s fun to think outside of the box. 

Many couples enjoy sharing a bottle of wine from time-to-time, so it’s safe to say a wine-related wedding gift would be put to good use. Here are 9 wedding gifts that help enhance the wine drinking experience – starting with something to cheers with.

9 Wine-Related Wedding Gifts

1. A bottle of champagne

There’s no better way to celebrate an anniversary or an accomplishment than with a nice bottle of Champagne. It’s even more special being gifted an exceptional bottle for your wedding and holding on to it for a couple of years to age. Make this wine gift more meaningful by buying one from the couple's favorite producer. What to make it even more special? Find a vintage Champagne from the year the couple met or got engaged.

Coming soon, sparkling wine won’t only be reserved for special occasions. Learn more about Coravin Sparkling – a sparkling wine preservation system that protects the crisp flavor and effervescence of your favorite sparkling wines for 2 weeks.

2. Wine chiller

This is one of those wine accessories that a lot of people don’t have but need if they like to keep a chilled bottle of white or rosé on the table while entertaining. It's the best functional accessory for intimate dinners or bigger events hosted at home.

Danielle J Norton Photography

3. Wine club subscription

If the happy couple has a favorite wine region or specific winery they love, see what wine club subscriptions are available. There are also subscription services or clubs that bundle wines from a variety of regions. Gift a 1-year subscription for the wine gift that keeps on giving. 

4. Timeless Eleven

Every wine lover needs a wine preservation system. The great thing about gifting a Coravin is that you have a few options to choose from. If the couple is super into wine and loves the most up to date and advanced technology, the Timeless Eleven is your best option. Timeless Eleven is the first automatic and connected wine preservation system. Connect it with the Coravin Moments app for added controls including custom pour speeds, system status checks, and capsule replacement reminders.

5. Pivot+

If the couple you’re buying for is just starting to dip their toes into the wine world, gift them Coravin Pivot+. It’s perfect for those who want a glass or two now, then save the rest for up later. Pivot preserves wine for up to 4 weeks which is just enough time to explore a few other bottles in the meantime. By using the aerator attachment, they can perform a 60 to 90-minute decant in seconds. 

6. Timeless Three+

Just like Pivot+, this special wine preservation system comes with an aerator attachment. In addition to the aerator, you’ll find two screw cap attachments and two argon gas capsules.

In terms of price point, this one lands between Pivot+ and Timeless Eleven and, similar to Timeless Eleven, Timeless Three preserves wine for weeks, months, even years, by using a needle to extract wine through the cork. 

7. Coravin accessories

If you know the couple already has a Coravin, then they can always use more accessories. Coravin Capsules are a necessity for anyone with a Coravin wine preservation system and a great gift for the wine-loving couple. The Coravin Aerator is also a fun addition. It creates small jets of wine as you pour, rapidly aerating wine to deliver results equivalent to 60-90 minutes decanting.

8. Wine glasses

Everyone needs a really nice set of wine glasses and, with how often they are used and broken, you can never have enough. Enhance the special couple’s wine tasting experience and go for some of the very best in the industry.

9. Wine fridge

Wine fridges can get a little pricey, but even a small wine fridge that holds 12 bottles can make a huge difference in someone’s home by freeing up space in their kitchen refrigerator or allowing them to keep their favorite bottles at the perfect temperature. 

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