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Gifts to Up Your Wine Game: Coravin Holiday Gift Guide

November 14, 2022

Written By Coravin

If you’re looking to help your friends and family step up their wine game this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. We partnered with lifestyle blogger and wine enthusiast, Alicia Tenise, to curate a list of her top gift picks for anyone looking to take their home bar and wine knowledge to the next level.

Read on to learn more about Alicia’s picks, then shop for them on!

1. Timeless Three

“Obviously, the best gift to give the wine lover in your life is a Coravin! I’m really loving the Timeless Three+ system. It’s really easy to use and will preserve your wine for years to come without damaging the cork.” Learn more and shop the Timeless Three+ here. This wine by the glass system lets you pour your favorite wines without pulling the cork. It's the perfect introduction to Coravin's Timeless wine preservation systems, allowing you to preserve still wines for weeks, months, or even years. Featuring a molded all-black architecture, two Coravin Pure™ Argon Capsules, two Coravin Screw Caps and a Coravin Aerator, the Three+ contains everything you need to enhance your wine experience.

2. Jancis Robinson wine glasses

If you're asking yourself whether wine glasses really matter, the answer is yes. “These wine glasses are absolutely beautiful, and what I love about them the most is that they’re dishwasher safe and super durable. A simple but amazing gift idea," shared Alicia.

When choosing a while glass, here are three things to consider:

  • Crystal vs. glass: The first decision to make is about whether you want crystal or glass. Crystal is very popular amongst wine professionals, the opacity is virtually nonexistent and makes the wine and glass “sparkle.” It’s also spun much thinner, and has a more elegant look and feel. Glass, however, is generally much less expensive and far less prone to breakage. You will have less trouble using, handling and cleaning glass than you will crystal.

  • Stem vs. stemless: Stemless wine glasses have become quite trendy over the last decade or so, and while they are even easier to handle and wash without breaking, there is still something to be said for a traditional wine glass with a bowl and stem. If you ever watch a wine professional (or true enthusiast), you’ll notice that they never, not once, touch the bowl of the glass. The entire time that they sniff, swirl, sip and spit, they will only ever hold the glass by the stem. This is completely intentional, and for two reasons. The first is purely aesthetic: no fingerprints on wine glasses . The second, however, is functional: wine is (and should be) served at specific temperatures, generally slightly below room temperature, and certainly well below the average temperature of the human body. If you hold you wine by the bowl, your hand and body heat will warm the wine.

  • Varietal vs. universal: In 1973, Georg Riedel introduced a line of Riedel wine glasses that entirely interrupted the way that wine glasses are marketed and used. Riedel developed wine glasses called the “Sommelier” set glasses, each one made for a specific grape varietal. This presented a complete change in the way that wine glasses were used by wine professionals. Unless you are a sommelier or a Master of Wine, using glasses to scientifically taste and critically evaluate wines, you likely do not need an entire set. In fact, most sources will tell you that to start off, if you do go the crystal route, you can probably stick with Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc, or Chardonnay glasses, and a set of sparkling wine glasses.

Learn more and shop the Jancis Robinson by Richard Brendon collaboration in our interview below.

photo of richard brendon holding a tea cup with text to the right

Richard Brendon's Journey to Glassware with Jancis Robinson

3. class

“I’m always a really big fan of experience gifts and so I love that the Coravin Marketplace offers the THIRST class as a gifting option. This class is a wonderful wine education experience where you learn from some of the best sommeliers in the world!” Learn more and shop here.

For more gift ideas, check out our full wine lovers gift guide and a special one from our friend, Amanda McCrossin. Cheers!