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Best Snack Wine Pairings for the Big Game

February 05, 2021

Written By Coravin

The big game is just around the corner, and whether your team made it to the final game of this bizarre 2020-2021 football season or not, it’s still a great opportunity to honor the American tradition of game day snacking. Whether you’re a buffalo wings or buffalo cauliflower kind of household, we collected some great Super Bowl snack recipes – complete with wine pairings, of course. 

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8 Snack Recipes and Wine Pairings for the Big Game

Now, let’s get to the good part. Browse eight of our favorite snacks complete with suggested recipes and wine pairings for game day. 

1. Chicken wings with Riesling

Are you a buffalo or BBQ kind of wing person? Either way, our top choice for wings is an off-dry Riesling (of German origin) with refreshing fruit, citrus, and mineral notes. Our wings recipe is compliments of our friend Skyler Bouchard of Dining with Skyler – the gold dust is optional. In a close second place, we also love this air fryer recipe by Erin at Platings + Pairings but, of course, you need an air fryer. 

2. Buffalo-anything with Rosé

Buffalo chicken, buffalo dip, buffalo cauliflower – whatever your buffalo snack of choice, this spicy bite pairs best with a dry Grenache Rosé. This wine’s refreshingly dry style with flavors of fresh red fruit compliments the hot elements of the buffalo sauce perfectly. Our recipe pick for this one is a buffalo cauliflower recipe by our friend Liren Baker over at Kitchen Confidante. 

3. Potato skins with Tempranillo

Now it’s time for a Platings + Pairings recipe to shine. In this recipe, Erin utilizes an Instant Pot, but you could boil potatoes the old-fashioned way too. After the potatoes are soft, you’ll boil them for 4-6 minutes, slice them in half, then fill with your favorite potato skin fillings. For wine, we recommend a Spanish red wine like Tempranillo with fig and cedar notes to stand up against a fully-loaded potato skin. 

4. Cheese ball with a red blend

Turn this America party food classic into a football-shaped cheese ball and you have yourself a festive snack to pair with crunchy crackers, fluffy bread, or crispy veggies. Draw the football’s laces with Sriracha or pretzel sticks to take things up a notch. Our wine pick for a cheesy appetizer is a California red blend. Not into reds? You could try a Pinot Blanc.

5. Spinach artichoke dip with Sauvignon Blanc

For this classic Super Bowl snack, we went healthy by swapping mayo for Greek yogurt and opting for low-fat cheeses – but, don’t fret, no flavor was sacrificed in the decision-making process. Try this delicious spinach and artichoke dip with a herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc. 

6. Pizza with Chianti

If you’re the first to admit that you’re not a wizz in the kitchen, maybe takeout pizza is on your Super Bowl menu. We recommend pairing pizza with an Italian Sangiovese wine like Chianti. It’s classically Italian flavors of cherry, roasted tomato, sweet balsamic, oregano, and espresso won’t get lost as you grab slice after slice. 

7. Guacamole with Pinot Gris

This guacamole recipe by Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology has only 5-stars – nothing less. We reckon it’s because it contains the perfect balance of avocado, onion, garlic, tomato, lime, cilantro, and Jalapeño. Each ingredient must be diced small so that you get a little bit over everything in each bite. We recommend pairing this Super Bowl staple with a dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, or – to switch things up from the rest of the list – a zesty Pinot Gris.

8. Pigs in a blanket with white Zinfandel

Pigs in a blanket – what a classically American dish. If you’re looking for a slightly healthier option, our Paleo recipe from What Great Grandma Ate won’t disappoint. This Super Bowl snack is best paired with something sparkling (e.g. Rosé, Champagne) because it helps balance the buttery dough and the greasy sausage. If you want to use your Coravin Timeless or Pivot systems on a bottle, we recommend a white Zinfandel below.

We know we missed some (e.g. Jalepeño poppers, seven-layer dip, hummus), so don’t hesitate to share your favorites with us on social media. Finally, if you’re looking for something special to serve your snacks in or on? Shop brands we love in the Coravin Marketplace – including some beer accessories for the wine-resistant.

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