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  • June 25, 2014


    Dear Coravin Customers, 


    Over the course of the past year, we have been absolutely thrilled with the overwhelming response and warm reception that the Coravin System has been given by both wine enthusiasts and professionals alike.


    As we communicated a few weeks ago, we recently became aware that the use of the Coravin System on a wine bottle that has been damaged or is flawed (chips, cracks, manufacturing defects, etc.), can cause that bottle to break, even under low pressure. We have now received 13 reports of wine bottles breaking, including four in which the bottles cracked and leaked, eight in which the bottles broke in two pieces, and one in which the bottle burst into four pieces, resulting in an injury.


    Upon discovering this potential hazard, we felt that it was our responsibility to react quickly, and to be as proactive as possible. Investigations conducted by our engineering team and outside experts into these reports found that each Coravin System was operating as designed and delivering the correct low pressure. We found no breakage patterns in vintage, varietal, region, or producers of the bottles. However, we did find evidence of preexisting damage or flaws in each of the bottles that made them susceptible to breaking apart when pressurized.


    Although the likelihood of a bottle breaking while using the Coravin System is very rare, the safety of our customers and users is important to us. We voluntarily reported the breakage incidents to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) at the end of May, and have been working with them to develop a Corrective Action Plan which they have now approved. The CPSC has announced a Recall to Repair of the Coravin System. You will not need to return your Coravin System. We will be sending you a Remedy Kit for each Coravin System that you purchased from us that includes a Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve, a warning label to be placed on your Coravin System, and a revised set of warnings and instructions. ALWAYS use a Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve while accessing and pouring wine with the Coravin System. Keep in mind that the sleeve can be removed as soon as you are finished accessing and pouring, and is not required for the storage of the bottle.


    Since reporting to the CPSC, we have temporarily stopped shipments of the Coravin System. We expect to begin shipping Coravin Systems again in mid-July after we have provided all of our customers with Remedy Kits. Going forward all Coravin Systems will come standard with a bottle sleeve, a capsule cup safety label, and up-to-date warnings and instructions.


    Here is what this means for you:

      • If you purchased a Coravin System or Coravin Capsules directly from our website we will ship your Remedy Kit(s) to your shipping address. If you would prefer to use a different address, please fill out our online request form.


      • If you received the Coravin System as a gift and it was shipped to you directly, then we will be sending your Remedy Kit to that address. If it was given to you in person, then the purchaser will be receiving your Remedy Kit. However, you can still fill out our online request form to receive one directly from us.


    • If you purchased your Coravin System at one of our resellers you will need to register for a Remedy Kit using our online request form, and we will mail the Remedy Kit to you directly.


    Our Customer Service team is available to answer any questions regarding this communication, or any of your other Coravin questions at update@coravin.com or (844) 267-2846.


    Thank you for your continued patience, support, and understanding as we work to quickly get you back to doing what you love – enjoying your favorite wines by the glass.





    Nick Lazaris, President/CEO Greg Lambrecht, Chairman/Founder





    To see the full CPSC Press Release, please CLICK HERE.