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Coravin x Cheurlin Champagne Giveaway

Enter to win

To celebrate our appearance in the Dancing Feet music video by Kygo featuring DNCE, we're teaming up again with Cheurlin Champaign by Isiah Thomas and Thomas Cheurlin to give away a Coravin Sparkling™ wine by the glass system.

What you'll win:

  • Coravin Sparkling™ wine by the glass system ($399)

  • Signed vintage photo of NBA Legend and Cheurlin partner, Isiah Thomas

Dancing Feet poolside

Dancing Feet by DNCE and Kygo

Cheurlin x Isiah Thomas

The Cheurlin family has been making award winning Champagne since 1788, when a priest from Landreville, France, began winemaking. Through the recent partnership between 9th-generation Thomas Cheurlin and NBA-great Isiah Thomas, these fine Champagnes are now available in the US. Learn more about Cheurlin and their vineyards.