glass of red wine and white wine doing a cheers


One for all - unbelievable wine enjoyment

Gabriel-Glas is the brainchild of the well-known Swiss/German wine critic René Gabriel. While authoring the German version of the Wine Bible (Wein Bibel), he was seeking a glass with the ideal shape for tasting every style of wine.  Not finding a glass that performed to Gabriel’s requirements, he created Gabriel-Glas, a “universal” lead-free crystal glass elegantly shaped to fully express the wine it delivers.

Gabriel-Glas:  One glass, two qualities - The StandArt glass is molded with a wider base at the bottom of the glass and a conical shape at the top, designed to “drive” the bouquet and flavors of wine. The glass is wonderfully balanced, durable yet elegant, space saving, and dishwasher safe.  

The Gold Edition mouth-blown vessel is painstakingly crafted by master artisans.  The lighter than air” Gold Edition glass offers the most discerning wine lover a sensational wine drinking experience.   It is supremely elegant and delicate, yet amazingly durable. 

Both the Gold Edition and the StandArt glass are seamless, making them more durable than many other glasses on the market.  Hence the owner derives more value for money from the glass while at the same time the  “One for All” glass offers “Unbelievable Wine Enjoyment”.

Both the Gold Edition and the StandArt glass  are lead-free crystal, dishwasher safe and made by highly skilled European craftsmen.  The stemware is designed for superior wine drinking pleasure.