Coravin Founder Hits the Road to Meet with Wine Lovers, Retailers and Restaurants Across the Country


Burlington, Mass., July 24th, 2014 – In celebration of the one year anniversary of launching the Coravin™ System, a revolutionary technology that enables users to pour a glass of wine without pulling the cork, Coravin, Inc. is sending founder and inventor, Greg Lambrecht, on the road to 10 different cities across the country throughout July and August. Partnering with local wine retailers and restaurants in each market, Greg will host interactive and educational tasting events, offering consumers the unique opportunity to taste great wines and learn how, with the Coravin System, it’s easy to access any wine, any time, in any quantity without ever opening the bottle.


The Coravin roadshow kicked off earlier this month, with tasting events in Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Following these successful stops, Greg and the Coravin team will head to:

  • New York, July 28-29
  • Boston, July 30
  • Dallas, August 8-11
  • Seattle, August 13-15
  • San Francisco, August 25-26
  • Los Angeles, August 27-28

to continue to establish the Coravin brand and expand the joys of drinking, serving, and selling wine through consumer tasting events as well as after-hours tastings in key markets for sommeliers, wine directors and bartenders.


“When we introduced the Coravin System a year ago, our intent was to change the way consumers enjoy wine, both at home and in restaurants. Coravin enables wine drinkers to explore bottles of any vintage, variety or region, all by the glass. The response to date has been more than we could have hoped for,” explained Greg Lambrecht. “This roadshow gives us the opportunity to not only meet with Coravin fans around the country, but to introduce more restaurants, retailers and consumers to the product in the hopes that we can continue to transform the way wine is served, sold and enjoyed.”


Launched in July 2013, Coravin's technology leaves the cork in place, safeguarding the wine from oxidation and allowing consumers to enjoy wine by the glass without opening to the bottle. For more information on how Coravin works, visit


For more information about Coravin and its nationwide tour, please visit


About Coravin

Coravin, Inc. is a privately held company located in Burlington, Massachusetts focused on transforming the way wine is served, sold and enjoyed. Coravin designs and markets the Coravin System for wine enthusiasts, restaurants, wine stores and wineries. Unparalleled in craftsmanship and design, Coravin uses proprietary patented technology to access and pour wine from a bottle without pulling the cork. Wine enthusiasts can now enjoy wine sealed with corks without feeling the need to commit to the whole bottle, allowing them to explore wines of any vintage, varietal or region, one taste at a time. With Coravin, wine, after being accessed, remains in the bottle, continuing to evolve naturally. It can then be enjoyed later since it was never exposed to oxygen. For more information, please visit