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    Serve the wines your customers desire without pulling the cork.

    The Coravin™ System allows you to access wine by the glass, and liberate your finest without wasting a drop due to oxidation.

    Experience Coravin

    Restaurants & Wine Bars

    • Expand your by the glass offerings and include your finest wines.
    • Offer vertical or horizontal tastings.
    • Inspect bottles for flaws and faults.

    Wineries & Wine Stores

    • Customize and expand your tastings—at a moment's notice.
    • Encourage customers to taste before buying.
    • Educate customers by comparing and contrasting vintages, glass by glass.

    Boost your bottom line, one glass at a time.

    Be at the forefront of the Coravin™ Revolution.

    Innovation by the glass.

    Allowing your customers to taste your finest wines without pulling the cork has never been possible—until now. Coravin Wine Access Technology lets you easily pour from your best bottles, while leaving the cork where it's been since it was first sealed in the winery. No oxidation, and no waste. Just enjoyment, and profit, by the glass.

    The cork stays in. Oxygen stays out.

    Once you remove the cork from a bottle, oxidation begins. Even with the most careful storage and attention to preservation, oxygen exposure is inevitable—and costly. The Coravin System leaves the cork in place while allowing you to access wine by the glass. The wine flows out, yet oxygen never gets in, and the wine continues to evolve naturally.

    Offer your customers your finest, without wasting a drop.

    Encourage your customers to try iconic wines they might not have tried otherwise—significantly increasing the total check. Create special flights, verticals, and themed programs, explore new food and wine pairings. Expand your by the glass offerings, without the worry of pouring a bottle of great wine down the drain.

    Cutting-edge technology meets timeless ceremony.

    The Coravin System easily integrates into the table side serving experience. No longer will your customers have to guess where their wine by the glass came from. They'll enjoy the same ceremony and personalized attention as if they'd ordered a whole bottle. Customers at the same table can order individual glasses from multiple bottles—each accessed with the same Coravin System. It's a whole new wine experience.

    Sell more bottles, one taste at a time.

    Be at the forefront of the Coravin™ Revolution

    Welcome to the Coravin Wine Access Technology era.

    Imagine the ability to let your customers taste your finest bottles without pulling the cork. It's never been possible until now. The Coravin System lets you access and pour from your best wines, while leaving the cork where it's been for centuries—in the bottle.

    The cork stays in. Oxygen stays out.

    The Coravin System leaves the cork in, and keeps oxygen out. The wine flows into your glass, without disturbing the natural aging process. Once you remove the cork, oxidation is inevitable, and costly. With the Coravin System, you'll never again pour a great glass down the drain due to spoilage.

    Wineries: Customize tastings and delight your visitors.

    Now you can customize tastings to each individual visitor. It's never been this easy to offer vertical or horizontal tastings at a moment's notice. You can delight your best customers with a sampler from your wine library and inspect your finest bottles for flaws and faults—without wasting a drop or disturbing the aging process.

    Wine Stores: Offer more tasting opportunities than ever before.

    The Coravin System empowers you to create a whole new tasting experience for your customers. You can help them explore new regions and varietals and allow them to compare and contrast vintages. Encouraging your customers to sample and buy finer bottles without the worry of waste has never been this easy.

    Importers & Distributors: Get more sales out of your samples.

    With the Coravin System, you can promote fine wines without fearing waste due to oxidation. Now you can maximize your sampling opportunities, and engage your clients by encouraging them to taste before buying. Limit exposure to unnecessarily opened bottles. Cater every sales call to the needs of each individual client, and expand their buying habits by easily accessing any desired vintage.

    • “Coravin is the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers that has been developed/invented in the last 30+ years, this is a killer device.“

      Robert M. Parker, Jr. Wine Writer and Critic
    • “This product is nothing short of amazing for both restaurateurs and wine lovers alike.“

      Joe Bastianich, American restaurateur, winemaker, and Coravin investor
    • “All wine lovers should have a Coravin. Pour wine without pulling the cork.“

      Raj Parr, Sommelier and Wine Director Michael Mina Group. Partner RN74
    • “The Coravin will revolutionize wine drinking.“

      Jose Andres, Chef and Restaurateur; Owner ThinkFoodGroup
    • “You and your spouse can each drink your favorite wines at the same time, you can enjoy just that one glass mid-week, or after a late return home without sacrificing the rest of the bottle.“

      Chuck McMinn, Owner Vineyard 29 Winery and Coravin investor
    • “Coravin is going to revolutionize drinking wine and being able to access multiple wines in your cellar and have the choice of as many as you want.“

      Robert M. Parker, Jr. Wine Writer and Critic
    • “Simply put, Coravin works as claimed, and is an industry game changer.“

      Peter Granoff, Master Sommelier, Owner Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, Coravin investor
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    Get your Coravin System and start exploring by the pour.

    Wine lovers rejoice. Now you can enjoy your favorite wine without committing to the whole bottle. Return to a favorite bottle again and again, weeks, months or even later. The Coravin System keeps the cork in place and oxygen out, allowing wine to evolve naturally—so you can enjoy every drop.