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750mL Wine Carafe and Skinny Can Insulators Pack, Rose Gold


THE ULTIMATE TAILGATE AND OUTDOOR PARTY PACK. One 750mL wine carafe to keep a whole bottle of wine just the temperature you like it and 2 insulated skinny can coolers to keep your favorite drinks cold PERFECT FOR TAKING YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGE WHERE GLASS ISN’T ALLOWED. Whether you are drinking mixed cocktails, wine, water or anything in between, keep your drink cold even on the hottest summer days VACUUM SEALED LID DOUBLES AS NO DRIP POUR SPOUT. Refill your cup or share your drink without wasting a drop using our unique cap for easy, dripless, worry-free pouring with no mess or wasted beverage NO FUNNEL REQUIRED, EASY TO FILL WITHOUT SPILLING A DROP. The tapered pour spout makes filling and refilling the decanter a breeze so you can prepare your drink the way you like it and not spill any NOT JUST FOR COLD DRINKS, KEEP IN THE HEAT. The perfect accessory for cool nights by the fire on the patio or camping trip when you want your beverage to stay hot. Will retain warmth for up to 6 hou

750mL Wine Carafe and Skinny Can Insulators Pack, Rose Gold

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