Aervana Original


Starry Night

Let your wine breathe instantly with Aervana, the original bottle-top luxury wine aerator. The Original instantly aerates wine by infusing it with air under pressure as it’s being dispensed, ensuring that less favorable compounds like ethanol and sulfites evaporate away, leaving the delicious, flavorful elements of your wine to shine through. Simply press the button on top to dispense fully-aerated wine into your glass. Fast, easy to use and clean. Now with our stainless steel tube that telescopes to accommodate wine bottles from 750 ml to 1.5L and our countertop stand to elegantly store your Aervana.

Aervana Original

Sold by: Aervana

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Brand: Aervana
UPC: 4719867490294
Washing Instructions: Aervana is not dishwasher safe. Aervana can be cleaned by dispensing water through the unit from an empty wine bottle filled with water just as you would normally dispense wine through the product.
Contentful Needs Sync: Yes

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30 day money back guarantee. One year warranty for manufacturing defects. Customer pays for return shipping.