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Grand Fusion Reuseable Silicone Travel Straw & Brush 3 Pack - Purple



A MUST HAVE ECO-FRIENDLY TRAVEL BAR ACCESSORY FOR FOLKS ON THE GO. If you love attending happy hours, parties or bbqs, these straws are perfect for socializing without producing lots of harmful waste PERFECT FOR DRINKING RED WINE WITHOUT STAINING TEETH OR LIPS. No more embarrassing stains from a glass of your favorite vino. Sip and enjoy worry free while enjoying good times with friends and family ALL THE FUN OF PLASTIC OR PAPER STRAWS WITHOUT THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Disposable drinking straws have caused a lot of damage to the environment, ours are reusable to help reduce harmful pollution SAVE TIME AND MONEY ON STRAWS. One time use straws need to be replaced and repurchased often. Our food grade dishwasher safe reusable straws can be purchased once and used, washed, and reused forever EASILY IDENTIFY YOUR DRINK. Use this unique and trendy looking straw that will stand out if you set down your cup to avoid mixing up glasses and spreading germs. Like a wine charm for any beverage

Grand Fusion Reuseable Silicone Travel Straw & Brush 3 Pack - Purple

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