L’Atelier du Vin

L'atelier du vin GLOBE


This set includes the “must-haves” of wine tools gathered under an elegant glass dome placed on a solid walnut base. • Soft Machine® Crystal, is the easiest and most ergonomic sommelier corkscrew. • The cork opener makes is very simple to uncork all the bottles of Champagne and sparkling wines in ¼ turn. • Gard’Vin® ON/OFF metal is a reference in terms of pumps for vacuuming opened bottles. Its two ON/OFF corks allow you to know whether the wine remaining in the bottle is protected from air or not. • Bubble Cork stopper, surprisingly simple and effective for sealing opened bottles of sparkling wines. Easy to display anywhere in the house. Remove the glass top by pulling it up with both hands. Materials: solid walnut, steel and borosilicate glass.

L'atelier du vin GLOBE

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