L’Atelier du Vin

L'atelier du vin MINI COLLECTOR


This exclusive handmade French solid walnut wood box hosts a few l’Atelier du Vin essentials : 1 Garçon: Our sommelier corkscrew with its curved shapes offers a pleasant and efficient handling. 1 Cork Opener: The simplest and safest way to easily open all types of champagne and sparkling wine bottles. 1 Modèle 54: The universal cork which fits most of the bottles necks. Keeps intact both the aromas and the bubbles of your unfinished wines. With a printed folio on high-grade paper, the Folio will be the memory of your last best wine tastings notes. Thanks to its major French wine regions maps, you’ll find your way through the vineyards. Handmade in France.

L'atelier du vin MINI COLLECTOR

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