Plum Wine Dispenser


The first appliance to automatically preserve, chill, and serve any bottle, by the glass. Plum holds two standard bottles of wine, automatically identifies any varietal with artificial intelligence, chills each bottle to its ideal serving temperature, and preserves wine for 90 days – offering a new way for people to enjoy wine by the glass with a single touch of a button.

Plum Wine Dispenser

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Brand: Plum
UPC: 860001597486
Contentful Needs Sync: Yes

Return Policy

TOTAL SATISFACTION RETURN POLICY If you are the original purchaser of the Product and you are not satisfied with this Product for any reason, you may return it in its original condition within thirty (30) days of the original purchase and receive a full refund. Plum is covered by a 1-year standard warranty and that if an extended warranty is of customer interest, the customer has to reach out to Plum within 30 days of purchase to acquire one.