Embark on a one-hour bespoke wine tasting led by a team sommelier for your own group of wine lovers and friends. Select a theme and gather with your friends, family and colleagues to enjoy each other’s company around great wines and interesting discussion. Participants can choose from one of the four suggested themes: Syrah around the world, Burgundy varietals in California, Grand Cru Burgundy by the new generation and Champagne. Your Privé includes a pre-event consultation with our sommelier to curate the wine selection according to your personal preferences and a 1 hour guided wine tasting hosted on Zoom for up to 6 connections. The organizer is also given the opportunity to enjoy an already scheduled At Home Session to further your experience and wine education. Note: Ticket price does not include wine, wine suggestions are offered as a separate purchase based on client budget. Privé


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Return Policy At Home Sessions and THIRST Classes are valid for 3 months after the purchase date.