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Royal Glass Gran Ultima 19 fl oz (box of 2)


The Gran Ultima STANDS OUT on tables and in prestigious restaurants. It allows an accurate taste of both white and full-bodied reds, boasting an equal precision as in our smaller models, with an additional touch of sensuality. This is our large glass, perfect for pleasure seekers of all kinds. It is a Universal glass that can accurately capture aromas of red, rosé, white and sparkling wine. It offers a harmonious experience throughout the tasting process. It is created using Barium crystal and is recyclable, dishwasher-safe, sustainable, and lead-free. Its unique, high-fidelity enclosure is engineered specifically to deliver all the complex characteristics of great wines. The Gran Ultima empowers the taster to enjoy a perfect sensory experience and read the precise balance of each wine. Enjoy Royal Glass in every setting, whether you’re spending a solitary night at home or hosting a dinner party with all of your friends. Treat yourself to the wine tasting experience you deserve!

Royal Glass Gran Ultima 19 fl oz (box of 2)

Sold by: Royal Glass

Product Details

Product Attributes

Brand: Royal Glass
Country of Origin: Germany
Glass Height: 234mm
Washing Instructions: Dishwasher safe
Wine Capacity (in ounces): 19
Bowl Width: 94mm
UPC: 0602561497819
Contentful Needs Sync: Yes

Return Policy

No returns,. If the item arrives broken, please send a picture to customer service so that we can send a replacement.