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Royal Glass Ultima 14,1 fl oz (box of 2)


Our revolutionary design is given a touch of additional ELEGANCE with an extended stem giving it a slender aesthetic. This mid-sized glass is beautifully versatile, a perfect fit for a home setting. The universal nature of the glass means that it accurately captures aromas of red, rosé, white and sparkling wine. It offers a harmonious experience throughout the tasting process, while delivering continuous and consistent tasting sensations, free from interruptions. It is created using Barium crystal and is recyclable, dishwasher-safe, sustainable, and lead-free. Its unique, high-fidelity enclosure is engineered specifically to deliver all the complex characteristics of great wines. The Ultima empowers the taster to enjoy a perfect sensory experience and read the precise balance of each wine. Enjoy Royal Glass in every setting, whether you’re spending a solitary night at home or hosting a dinner party with all of your friends. Treat yourself to the wine tasting experience you deserv

Royal Glass Ultima 14,1 fl oz (box of 2)

Sold by: Royal Glass

Product Details

Product Attributes

Brand: Royal Glass
Country of Origin: Germany
Glass Height: 234mm
Washing Instructions: Dishwasher safe
Wine Capacity (in ounces): 14,1
Bowl Width: 84mm
UPC: 0602561567666
Contentful Needs Sync: Yes

Return Policy

No returns,. If the item arrives broken, please send a picture to customer service so that we can send a replacement.