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Skinny Can Insulator 2PK



SILICONE NON SLIP BASE HELPS PREVENT SPILLS. Accidents happen, and we've got you covered. Keep your skinny hard seltzer or beer from tipping from a slight nudge while resting on a table or counter PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR POOL PARTIES, BBQS, COOKOUTS AND CAMPING TRIPS. Whether sitting on the backyard patio or camping in the wilderness the Icy Bev cozy will keep your drink of choice cold for hours KEEP YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGE ICE COLD LONGER. Double wall, vacuum sealed insulated cozy works with any tall skinny 12 ounce can keeping your drink icy even outside on hot summer days with friends REMOVABLE TOP GASKET MEANS IT WORKS WITH ANY 12 OUNCE SKINNY CAN. Just slide in any can of Truly, White Claw, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Corona, or other brand you prefer and it will hold it securely UNIQUE COLORS SO YOU CAN ALWAYS KNOW WHICH DRINK IS YOURS. Nobody wants to sip somebody else's drink by accident and share germs. Easily pick which can is yours with our multiple colors to choose from

Skinny Can Insulator 2PK

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