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The Napa Valley “Top Winemaker Series” Tour & Tasting


"What do Phillipe Melka, Thomas Rivers Brown, Kirk Venge, Helen Keplinger, Chris Carpenter, Elan Fayard, Celia Welch and Aaron Pott have in common? They each produce some of Napa Valley's most sought-after wines in the world. These consulting winemakers are responsible for many small brands whose production is less than 1,000 cases a year. This tour will introduce you and your group (up to 10 people in total), to some of the hottest, hard-to-get brands in Napa Valley, including Melka Wines, Outpost Winery, Promontory Estate, Dana Estate, Brion Wines, Lail, Lokoya Estate, Venge Vineyards, all having the common denominator of a top-notch, high-profile, winemaker. This tour will typically visit three, or four, wineries in a day, but if you wish to extend the length of time on this unforgettable Napa Valley itinerary, speak with us and we will customize your visit to as many days that you would like to stop at as many of these collectibles as you wish. You may bring as many as 9 frien

The Napa Valley “Top Winemaker Series” Tour & Tasting

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