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Wine 101 - Foundations™


DO YOU FIND WINE INTIMIDATING? DO YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT WINE BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? We can totally relate as even our very own expert instructors, at one point, struggled to find the best starting point for their wine education journey! We’ve designed the Wine 101 Foundation Online course to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to wine. Your instructor Natalie Breaux will share her experience as a Certified Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator to help you gain more in-depth knowledge of all aspects of wine. Throughout this course, you will come to understand why a wine tastes the way it does as you learn about how the major grape varieties, wine regions, and winemaking processes shape a wine’s character. And, maybe most importantly, you will be given the tools to become a better wine taster and learn how to pair wine with food more effortlessly. (more details below) WHY WAIT? START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY!

Wine 101 - Foundations™

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