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How to Use the Coravin Timeless Aerator

A close up of a woman pouring red wine into a glass using a Coravin Wine Preservation System and Coravin Aerator.

How to Use the Timeless Aerator

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What are the benefits of the Coravin Aerator?

For wines that need to ”breathe”, using your Coravin System together with the Coravin Aerator instantaneously aerates your wine, equivalent to decanting for 60-90 minutes. Please ensure you use the Aerator designed for your Coravin System.

Why are there two versions of the Aerator?

Coravin has designed an aerator that is compatible with each of our lines of Wine Preservation Systems. The smaller, cone shaped aerator works with the Timeless Systems. The larger, angled aerator is designed for the Pivot System.

Does the Aerator work with all Coravin Systems?

There is an aerator designed for each line of Systems. Please ensure that you use the correct version for your System.

The smaller, cone shaped Timeless Aerator works with all Coravin Timeless Systems. Please note that early versions of the Aerator may not work with the Model Eleven. If you have difficulty with your Aerator, please call Customer Care.

The larger, angled Aerator is designed for the Pivot System.

How do I attach the Aerator to a Coravin System?

Ensure that you are using the correct Aerator for your System. Simply push the Aerator on to the Spout of the Coravin System. Ensure it is tightly attached. Then, use your Coravin System as you normally would.

How do I get optimal performance from the Coravin Timeless Aerator?

Please follow these helpful tips:

- Clean the Aerator regularly.
- Never use the Vintage Needle.
- Press the Trigger for a little longer for the optimal stream.
- The less wine in the bottle the more gas needed for a steady stream.

How do I get optimal performance from the Pivot Aerator?

Please follow these helpful tips:

- Clean the Aerator regularly.

- Use short, light presses of the Button until the wine creates a gentle shower, then release the Button.

- Press and release as needed to pour the desired amount of wine.

- CAUTION: Pressing the Button continuously can over-aerate the wine and may cause the Stopper to release while pouring.

How do I clean the Coravin Aerator?

Always rinse and dry your Coravin Aerator after each use.

Over time, sediment or cork particles can build up inside the Aerator leading to performance issues. Follow these steps to clean any version of the Aerator:

(1) Unscrew the Aerator head from the rubber housing.

(2) Remove the screen from the rubber housing.

(3) Soak all three Aerator parts in warm water for a few minutes. Pay attention to the screen to make sure there are no cork particles in the holes.

(4) After soaking the Aerator parts, rinse them under running water. You may see cork particles rinse out.

(5) Once the parts are dry, put the Aerator back together by placing the screen into the rubber housing.

(6) Then screw the Aerator head tightly onto the rubber housing.

VID Thumbnail clean-aerator

How to Clean the Coravin Aerator

Why does my Pivot Aerator leak when I remove it?

Because of the angle of the Pivot Aerator, it is possible that some residual wine may remain in its head after you stop pouring. Let the bottle stand for a few seconds allowing the wine to drain before removing the Aerator.